“Watching a Glass Shatter” – Writing of a Funeral and a Will Reading

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I drafted two new chapters in my novel “Watching a Glass Shatter” today.  Chapter 2 was the widow’s view on the funeral and Chapter 3 was the reading of the late husband’s will where she learns a shocking secret.

The secret while a bit of a game changer was not the hardest part.  It was the letter I had to write that the husband leaves the wife.  I poured emotion into it trying to convey both the heartache behind dying and the the pain of the choice he made years ago.

I internalized it and I feel the weight of the story on my shoulders now.  It’s temporary,  but it is still powerful. I feel good about these chapters.It encourages me to continue with this story.

I feel the characters are powerfully depicted but I of course wrote them so I’d hope I feel that way.  I’ll be curious what others think if I post anything.

Progress was good today. 🙂



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