Review: Dead Tide

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Dead Tide
Dead Tide by Leighann Dobbs

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.49999 stars to Leighann Dobbs‘s Dead Tide, her third in the Blackmoore Sisters Mystery series. Gosh, it was almost there this time. I’m really starting to enjoy this series and I’ve seen great improvement in the author’s style, word choice and character exploration. At first, I felt the series was a little too simple, but it’s jumped a few light years ahead in this book. I find myself thinking about the characters all day long, hoping they discover the secrets that keep carrying from book to book. Good job Ms. Dobbs! I’m fairly certain the next one will rise to a higher rating.


The third installment in this series focused on the younger two Blackmoore sisters while continuing to explore their family history which undoubtedly must have some witch blood it in somewhere. (I blame Isaiah the pirate!) When modern-day pirates off the coast of Maine search for the treasure map to the ship that was lost at sea 300 years ago, the dirty little secret of the town sheriff finally reveals itself. The Blackmoore girls are close to translating the book they found in their attic, but the translator mysteriously dies before he can finish (nope, it’s not a heart attack). Then so does his brother. (OK seriously, these girls just invite the trouble in, don’t they?) By the end, the treasure is discovered. The pirates are captured. But what happens in between is a syrupy secret (especially that hush hush stuff with Cal Reed — the super suave antiques dealer expert) because I think it’s what will carry into books 4, 5 and 6!


The Blackmoore sisters really start to become well-rounded characters. The land and background setting are deeply described. You really start to feel like you’re on the beach watching the action happen. I want to visit the Sticks & Stones Shop.


It’s starting to transcend the mystery genre and cross into the romance genre. I’m not too interested in this direction so I hope it doesn’t push the boundries too much more.

Final Thoughts

Get it. Read it in 3 hours. Enjoy the humor and dialogue. And tell me what you think!

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