Day: October 14, 2016

Review: Bleeding Kansas

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Bleeding Kansas
Bleeding Kansas by Sara Paretsky

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sara Paretsky was one of the very first serial mystery fiction authors I began reading after Agatha Christie. I enjoyed her realistic slice of the harsh life with hardcore characters and a very strong female protagonist. I wasn’t concerned over whether she’d do well writing a non-mystery, non-serial fiction novel; however, I was concerned whether I’d actually like it, but rest assured, there’s no reason to be worried.

She spins quite a tale in this fiction work. The characters are quite vivid and come from very strong families that very likely existed in this country years ago. For those who like to test their authors in different genres, this is a case of a successful transition. It carries over all the things you’ll love about a family drama with an air of mystique.

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“Watching a Glass Shatter” – 1st Draft Completed

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I’ve no energy to write a proper blog… because I’ve just completed the first draft of “Watching a Glass Shatter.”

80K+ words. 250+ pages. 30 chapters dedicated to the impact of the death of Benjamin Glass, father to 5 sons and husband to Olivia.  Except he left a secret behind.  And his wife learns about during the reading of his will.

1 of the 5 boys isn’t really their son.  Which one was is it?  Why did Ben keep this secret?  Who is Rowena Hector? Wait… all 5 of the boys have their own secrets they are afraid to share with the mother.  How will it all turn out?

Stay tuned… next step, time for editing round one.

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