“College Campus Mysteries” – Character & Setting Descriptions

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Basic character and setting descriptions have been released for the “College Campus Mysteries” cozy series.  Click here to check out more on Kellan, his family and the quaint little town of Wellington, PA, home of Braxton College.

About the Author

To find out more about the author, click here.

About the “College Campus Mysteries”

Kellan Brunswick is a 32-year old Los Angeles TV / Film director and writer who has recently come back home to Wellington, Pennsylvania, a small historic town on the central PA border with New York tucked away between the Wharton Mountain range and Crilly Lake. Kellan is in town to attend the going-away party for his father, the retiring President of Braxton College, when a murder occurs on the campus and puts a spotlight on his family’s reputation.  Kellan is torn between heading back to LA where his Hollywood life is starting to take off and staying in Wellington to help clear his family’s name.  When he’s tapped to fill an open professor position in the Humanities Department, his decision gets even harder because he would like his 8-year old daughter to be closer to his family, especially since her mother passed away a few years ago when she was hit by a drunk driver.  What will Kellan do?



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