Review: The Alexander Cipher

The Alexander Cipher
The Alexander Cipher by Will Adams

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The treasure quest mystery novel has long been a favorite of mine and The Alexander Cipher by Will Adams did not disappoint! I remember reading one of Adams’ later novels (perhaps even a Daniel Knox [main character in this series] one) but decided to start from the beginning just to be safe. I added The Alexander Cipher to my reading list earlier this summer and decided it was time to switch off of my other favorite, the cozy serial.

While I am a history buff and a bit of a language guy, I had to just accept a lot of what Adams drives via the story of Alexander the Great and the Macedonians, but as always, he does some with great flair and exuberance. I have already purchased the other 3 in the series (one of which could be a re-read!) and will slot them in every other book for the next few weeks… too much historical fiction and hardcore archaeological detail can be a bit draining.

The villains are bad but not too caricature-like (perhaps just a tad), and some good guys actually perish which helps make it all the more realistic, but you still need to suspend some of your disbelief at all the pure chances at luck Daniel meets. All in good fun tho… he comes up with a few bruises and wounds that will take some time heal.

Off to the next book in this year’s Reading Challenge.

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