TV Show Review: The Crown

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5 stars to Netflix’s original series “The Crown,” episode 7: “Scientia Potentia Est,” about Queen Elizabeth II’s reign of the United Kingdom — the early years. I may have found a temporary, suitable replacement for “Downton Abbey.”


A chronicle of the last days of King George VI before his unprepared daughter became Queen Elizabeth II. In episode #7, Elizabeth faces 3 primary obstacles: (1) Her own lack of formal education, (2) An inability to choose her own new private secretary and (3) Her government’s leading two men’s failure to inform her of their crippling illnesses.


  1. The tone of the acting, the drama, the setting and the direction is strikingly mid-century British. Now, of course you’re thinking… it’s supposed to be you fool… and you’re right; however, it’s brilliantly assembled such that I don’t even mind when a few parts may be an exaggeration of the reality that took place. After all, how would anyone alive today know exactly what happened in the privacy of some of these conversations? And so… that’s why I find it enlightening! It feels exactly like what would have happened.
  2. Costumes and scenery are wonderful. Props are used in all the key places. And the actors seem quite comfortable in their roles.
  3. Winston’s comeuppance was amazing. I waited all episode for it to happen, and when it did, it came just short of where I wanted it to go… I wanted him to apologize. I wanted her to browbeat him. I wanted to hear the faltering in their relationship. But alas, that is not the British way, and so… I did not see it. Brilliant. It was all done in the facial expressions, the silence and the imagination. Loved it!
  4. How could her parents not properly educate her. I agreed with Elizabeth for confronting her mother… and then her mother’s drunken response was classic… she stated the simple truth. She didn’t know better. No one told her. How can you blame her? It suddenly felt so clear, and so sad… not just because she was a women but because she was not the expected heir at the time. Karma’s a bitch, though… so it comes racing back!
  5. The fight over her selection of the secondary back-up secretary to replace the current secretary instead of the primary back-up secondary… excellent plot. I too would have told them where to shove it. But there’s that tradition that she is so stuck on following despite her own needs.  Tough predicament. I feel like she and I would be good friends.


  1. I’m fearful with only 3 episodes left, we may only get to Elizabeth’s second set of pregnancies and still have another 50 years of non-aired history. I can hope for a season 2!

Final Thoughts

Yes, it’s less drama than Downton Abbey. And it’s based on reality which means it can be a bit of a repeat. But with such a fresh set of eyes and a look into years before my time, I am happily hooked and enjoy my new Sunday evening calm. All 10 episodes are available on Netflix, but I carefully watch one per week so savor each moment.  Check it out at:


2 thoughts on “TV Show Review: The Crown

    Judy Hudgins said:
    December 14, 2016 at 9:47 PM

    Love the show. But Matt Smith as Prince Phillip has me wondering when the Tardis will swoop in and carry him off.


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