Review: Murder on the Oceania

Murder on the Oceania
Murder on the Oceania by Elizabeth Martin

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I found a plethora of free cozy mysteries on Amazon — all first in the series — and downloaded them without really looking into any details other than a brief plot overview. Murder on a cruise ship seemed like a different angle. I downloaded it to Kindle on my iPad and began reading it. Suddenly, after about 12 pages, it said 25% done. I thought something was wrong with the download and re-sync’d. Same result… so I did a little research, and then I found out… it was only 50 pages! It’s a cozy short story meant as an introduction to this author and a way to hook you to buy more. But unfortunately, it didn’t hook me. And I tend to give a lot of leeway on a cozy mystery series.

I’ll try to keep my review focused on the parameters of this being a short 50 page story where it takes 20 pages to introduce the characters, 5 to show the murder, 20 to solve it and another 5 to help get you interested in the next book. That said… little plot, no depth, no intrigue… mostly need to rely on the main character and the writing to decide if you would want to read more.

It wasn’t bad. Just not enough to fairly judge. Conversations that should have taken several pages were summed up in 2 sentences. Descriptions of people’s lives were a lesson in brevity.

Had this been a 150 to 200 page story, it may have turned out much better. I am likely not to read the next book, but I’ll let my reaction sit a few days and then decide if I want to give it another chance.

For those who like the 45 minute read… perhaps you’re sitting at the beauty parlor waiting for your hair color to set… or you’re at the car mechanic getting that 3k mile oil change or annual inspection… or maybe you’re even early for a date and need to keep occupied — then give it a chance. It will help you pass the time and decide if you’ll consider a second round… for either that salon, garage or date!

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