365 Challenge: Day 11 – Dreamer

Dreamer: a person who dreams or lives in a world of fantasy; one who is impractical and unrealistic. a person whose ideas or projects are considered audacious or highly speculative; visionary.

When I chose “dreamer” for today, I had one definition in mind, but as I read a few others, I realized I could apply the meaning across a few platforms. So here goes:

  • Dreamer who is sleeping
    • I am generally not a dreamer. Occasionally I will have a dream, perhaps once a month. I dreamed more when I was younger than I do now. And most of the dreams I’ve had were nightmares, not happy dreams.
    • I will, however, after tucking myself into bed, getting comfortable and spending about an hour letting my mind calm down from the day (it takes a long time for me to fall asleep…), toss out a few ideas to promote (provoke?) a dream. It’s sort of like pre-planned dreaming. Now how bad is that… I’m so pragmatic and organized that I can’t even let fantasy take over in my dreams. LOSER!
    • When I chose my dreams, I think sometimes it was about that mansion I wanted. Or about publishing a book. Or maybe something more of an erotic nature. I AM human, you know.
    • I’ve had a few recurring dreams… nightmares… and I will wake up with a bit of anxiety and hyperventilation. It took about 2 minutes to be able to breathe normally once. I remember being quite scared, making horrible noises and grasping at the sheets trying to will the strength to get through it.
    • My favorite dream was probably around 6 or 7, likely after watching Star Wars for the first time. I dreamed Darth Vader was standing in my doorway and wouldn’t let me out of my bedroom. I swear I got out of bed and some immovable force kept me in the room. (Maybe the door was shut and I was too sleepy and scared to realize it… and why would I just think of that reasoning now, nearly 30 something years later… yikes, I’m losing it).
  • Dreamer who is unrealistic
    • How could I be pragmatic and unrealistic? Silly reader… what an amateur mistake. Well… then again… pragmatic means I choose the best path based on known information. If something is unrealistic, generally, you don’t have all the information and that’s why you think it’s realistic. Your mind is blocked from seeing the reality of a situation and therefore you think you can reach the goal, but if your mind was more open or capable of seeing the full picture without the tunnel vision, then maybe you’d agree it was unrealistic. So you can be both.
    • I’ve had a few unrealistic moments where I convinced myself of things that were not possible.
      • Who hasn’t thought they had a disease from reading something online or hearing about it on TV? Only to turn out that you’re a nut job because it was just a 2-day virus or your imagination? Of course, sometimes it turns out to be true and that’s awful, but that’s not what I’m referring to… but wait, why would you dream that you wanted to have a medical issue. I think I’ve just confused myself, so I’ll stop here and let you laugh at me about it.
      • I thought I’d get a job that I had absolutely no qualifications for.
      • I thought someone was interested in me but that was just my over-active imagination and desire working tirelessly, which isn’t the same as a dream.
    • I’m too grounded in reality. I can’t just open my mind to something completely foreign. Maybe in like .001% of the time will I be unrealistic in my expectations of something I dream for… most of the time it’s a reasonable expectation, but it’s also left up to chance and luck – a totally different topic. Bet you want to know if I think I’m lucky or not! 😊 Egomaniac I am. Wait, I said I wasn’t one previously.
  • Dreamer who is a visionary
    • Definitely not me. I absolutely have “dreams” of doing something successfully well, achieving goals others could not, building or creating something so life-changing… but I don’t consider that visionary.
    • Visionary implies you would be able to go out and do it, lead others to the solution… I certainly do that on a small scale, but I’m not the guy to build the most inventive new product, find a cure for a horrific disease or inspire world peace. I think I could inspire world peace because I’m generally an influential and enlightening kinda guy when I speak (hmmm…. Maybe I am more of an unrealistic dreamer than I thought I was)!

That all said… I’m really not much of a dreamer, am I? And I’m OK with that. We’re all different and that’s what makes us such a challenge to understand.


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