365 Challenge: Day 17 – Quiet

Quiet: making little noise, carried out discreetly, secretly, or with moderation

I am a very quiet individual. It’s different than being shy, although both probably stem from the same general DNA that make me who I am. Being quiet is more a way of life for me, in many, many ways… even if I’m home alone, I still speak very quietly so as not to disturb anyone else. Even when I’m talking to myself (we all do it, don’t judge!). Not that I look in the mirror and say things like this…

My father jumps whenever he hears loud noises, and it’s gotten worse as he gets older. I’ve noticed the same thing is happening to me. I remember once back in high school Spanish class, I yelled at the teacher. In my defense, it was completely warranted. I really liked him, too. But whenever the class got too rowdy, he’d take off his shoe and hammer it on his desk. One day, he kept doing it, and my body would just jump every time. It shook me inside, was painful and pressed too many buttons (not sure why). I just shouted at him in front of the whole class “Would you please stop doing that? It’s really unprofessional.” At least I said “please.”

When I’m on trains, the Long Island Rail Road in particular, it can get REALLY annoying. I no longer live there, so I’m mostly on it to visit family. My commute times tend to match up with people on their way in or out of NYC for events like a Rangers or Knicks game, or out to the bars and clubs. Yeah Yeah Yeah… I went in and out a few times myself to those events, but I sat in my seat, respectfully, kept myself occupied… sometimes talked to my friends or someone in the seat next to me. Quietly. Not as though the entire train had to hear me speak. But some people have absolutely no sense of boundaries and talk loudly on the phone, jump up and down like children, scream from being drunk and excited. I’m embarrassed for them. Didn’t your parents or teachers tell you to respect others around you? I’ve been there… I’ve been the one at a club dancing and singing and drinking… been a little too drunk at times, but I still knew better than to create an entire scene in public.  OK, rant over. Where’s my hair brush?

Part of me actually gets annoyed when I hear people being loud in situations when they obviously should not be loud. Am I a party-pooper? A Debbie-downer?

No, I think I just reserve the “crazy” for the appropriate time and place. Being quiet is more a natural state for me. I could stay home all day, not speaking to anyone, and still be happy. Reading, Watching TV, Gardening. I like people and I want to be around them at time, but being quiet and just content with my surroundings is enough for me. That’s why I’m an introvert. I wonder what it’s like for an extrovert who needs to be loud and constantly around people?  Help me understand…

I’m getting a little too loud with these GIFs, aren’t I? At least they don’t make noise! When I’m scrolling thru something on my phone and a video clip automatically pops up, and it makes some sound or noise, I tense up, look around to see if I’m bothering anyone, and then turn it down, frowning the entire time!

I like it quiet. And I cannot lie! But I absolutely love the beauty of sound and music. So what I’m really saying is I like the noise level to be appropriate for the situation. If you’re in an open field and no one’s around, be as loud as you want. But chances are, even if I had that luxury, I’d still be fairly quiet.


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