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AtlantisMy rating: 3 of 5 stars to David Gibbins‘s Atlantis, the first in the “Jack Howard” action adventure thriller series. I chose this book while walking around an airport, looking for something to read while on a 6-hour flight across the country. I’m a fan of the suspense / thriller genre, especially when it times archaeology, history and religion in complex ways. Stretching the truth, inventing characters, tying them to real people from the past; it all makes for a great read… this was a good kick-start to a new series.

Jack Howard is a likable protagonist. He’s got a few quirks and annoyances, but I think those are necessary to create a memorable character; and when you’re running around the globe trying to save the world, or protect the world, and yourself, I can cut you some slack!

Some may criticize the heavy fact-dropping in the story-telling approach. It’s useful in some areas, perhaps a little tedious in others. But if you’re reading these types of books, it’s fairly common.

I plan to pick up the second book at some point, but it’s not too high on my list within this genre. There are a few other series with a bit more control on the character and the plot. That said, it’s still worth a read if you are interested in “Atlantis,” as it covers a lot of ground. And who isn’t interested in discovering a lost city? It could be the key to our future.


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