365 Challenge: Day 37 – Goofy

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Goofy: foolish; harmlessly eccentric

Everyone knows of Disney’s Goofy character, the lovable and silly cartoon who makes us all laugh. Am I really comparing myself to this piece of history? Yes, but no, as I don’t really see myself as foolish and eccentric, per the definition that first popped up on my Google search today.

But I can be goofy every so often. I’m generally a serious guy, but if I am in a really good mood, or had just enough drinks where I’ve lost my inhibitions but not crossed that line of “put me to bed please,” then the goofiness explodes. And it’s generally either super hilarious or super stupid.

My brand of goofiness tends to reveal itself in the form of funny noises or voices. When I was a child, my best friend (who lived next door to me) and I would play in our backyards on swing-sets. We made up two characters, probably loosely based on Goofy, and called them George and Georgina. Both had very deep voices, exaggerated vowels and bugged out eyes. We’d introduce ourselves (to each other, for no reason at all)…”Heeellllloooo. I’m Geooorggeeeeeeee. Let’s goooooo to the zooooooooo.” We were about 17 years old… JUST KIDDING.  We were probably 7 or 8, and it sounded so hilarious when she talked like Georgina. We were married and had kids who talked like us. It was a fun game or skit we played for a few years, and even now, almost 30 years later, when we get together, we still say “Hello Georgeeeeeeenaaaaa. Geooooooorggggiiinnnaaaaa is heeeeeeree to be your friend.” If you’re laughing, awesome. If you’re not, I apologize. Guess you had to be there.

I also make this really weird duck noise by pushing air up into the top of my cheeks and slowly releasing the muscles, so it’s like a twang accordion and then a pop at the end. It drives kids and animals nuts. Kids ask me to keep on doing it. Animals either run or get real close to my face and look at me like I’m goofy! I also used to make up names for my younger cousins when I’d babysit them or see them on weekends. Things like: Broccoli Butt, Cauliflower Kid and Andy Asparagus. I’m hoping it was to help them eat vegetables, as there is a theme there, but I have no clue why!

Being goofy is an essential part of life. You can’t take everything so seriously all the time. I definitely am more serious than I should be, but every so often, you can catch the goofy side. And something natural comes out in my actions… an innocence and relaxed approach where I don’t care what anyone thinks about me. I’m just having fun and like being around other people, despite the normal jitters over crowds or being the center of attention. It’s a healthy release.

But with that said, being goofy is not a normal part of who I am. I’m not a naturally funny guy. I do funny things, but I have to think about it or plan it, to some degree. I envy those who are just innately funny, goofy and silly. Not all the time, but enough to make people want to be around them, to enjoy the break from the realities of the mundane and the painful things we face on occasion.

Using the “by the book” definition — foolish and harmlessly eccentric — I am not. For one thing, to be eccentric, you have to have some extremes in your behavior, which I rarely do. I admire eccentric tho… eccentric in a harmless and fun or goofy way. Not in the bitter and angry way, as often characterized on TV or in books. For another, eccentric can be good — think about all the characters Jim Carrey plays – fun eccentrics. I suspect when I’m older, I’ll be referred to as that eccentric old man who lives down the street. He never comes out of his house! No, just kidding. I’m getting friendlier as I grow older… it’s a good thing.

Are you eccentric? Silly? Goofy? What’s the funniest thing about you?

About Me & the “365 Daily Challenge”

I’m Jay. I am 40 and live in NYC. By profession, I work in technology. By passion, I work in writing. I’ve always been a reader. And now I’m a daily blogger. I decided to start my own version of the “365 Daily Challenge” where since March 13, 2017, I’ve posted a characteristic either I currently embody or one I’d like to embody in the future. 365 days of reflection to discover who I am and what I want out of life.

The goal: Knowledge. Acceptance. Understanding. Optimization. Happiness. Help. For myself. For others. And if all else fails, humor. When I’m finished in one year, I hope to have more answers about the future and what I will do with the remainder of my life. All aspects to be considered. It’s not just about a career, hobbies, residence, activities, efforts, et al. It’s meant to be a comprehensive study and reflection from an ordinary man. Not a doctor. Not a therapist. Not a friend. Not an encyclopedia full of prior research. Just pure thought, a blogged journal with true honesty.

Join the fun and read a new post each day, or check out my book reviews, TV/Film reviews or favorite vacation spots. And feel free to like, rate, comment or take the poll for each post.


4 thoughts on “365 Challenge: Day 37 – Goofy

    lghiggins said:
    April 18, 2017 at 9:16 AM

    I’m glad this is the day I I popped into your blog. What a fun post! People don’t always think of techie people as creative, but they can be and many are. You are obviously one of them. As we get older and “grown up” we have to let the more serious side dominate (so we are taken seriously enough to get a job). You, however, are aware of that fun side of you and let it come out in this post. Keep up the creativity. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    Liked by 1 person

      James J. Cudney IV responded:
      April 18, 2017 at 9:20 AM

      Hi. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Love seeing comments and people exchanging ideas. I’ll spend more time on your site this week, too. Looking forward to it.

      I try to be more goofy as I relax more around crowds and new people. And technology can definitely be goofy — I so agree.

      Liked by 1 person

    Rae Longest said:
    April 18, 2017 at 9:21 AM

    THIS post is what I like about your blog–clever, creative, and just a little goofy at times. I LOVED this side of you.

    Liked by 1 person

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