Review: Explosive Eighteen

Explosive Eighteen
Explosive Eighteen by Janet Evanovich

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

After 18 books in this series, I can’t always give out a 4 just because I laugh so hard I nearly pee myself. Evanovich has to work harder and harder to keep the high mark stars… but in all honesty, this was a hysterical edition in the series.

I read it about 5 years ago but still have vivid memories of many character escapades. And when it’s a trip to Hawaii (partly), who wouldn’t love it. I’m going back to add small review and thoughts on any book I never actually wrote up a review for. And this is one of them.

Reading about Stephanie Plum’s inability to accurately describe someone in a picture she saw briefly is pure gold. She is so goofy sometimes… I can’t believe she hasn’t gotten herself wasted at this point by some of the criminals she’s dealt with over the years.

And Lula is my favorite character, at least whenever she appears more prominently in a book. Watching her training, and eating, is laugh-out-loud funny. I always picture Gabourey Sidibe playing her… not sure why, but that’s who’s in my head.

I’m not a huge fan of Joyce but we all need a Moriarty of sorts, right? For those who haven’t read the series, Joyce is a fellow PI and former girlfriend of Stephanie’s on/off again relationship with Joe Morelli.

I think I stopped here with this book and still have the last 4 or 5 to catch up on. The series stalls every so often, but within each book, there’s a treasure of fun somewhere hidden if not the entire thing. They can be read in 3 to 4 hours… I would like to listen to one if they actually make an audio book. I wonder what accents everyone has, given it takes place in Newark, NJ.

Basically, you’ve got a woman everyone finds something they love about, but also a few annoying habits. You may want to date her, but then you’d want to kill her. She’s a good bestie, but even then, too many favors just to keep up with her antics.

Nonetheless, it makes for a fantastic read. So if you’ve never read the series, don’t start with this one. Go back to #1 and give it a shot. And then tell me if you’re a Ranger or a Morelli fan. (I’d pick Ranger, btw… isn’t it always better when the object of your affection also scares the hell out of you????)

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  1. I’ve never read this series, but I’ve always heard good things. It is hard enough for me to keep up with all of James Patterson’s Alex Cross novels!

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  2. I’ve never read anything by Janet Evanovich but I have seen her books around! I have to say that it’s amazing that you’ve been through so MANY of her books though. I’ve always thought it was impossible to catch up on series that are this long, but man… You do give me hope on that regard! Great review by the way 😉

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    • I read most of them at least 5 years ago and haven’t gone back… just so many to read. I think she’s at 25 now. But I like serial fiction. I tend to look for books with at least 10 to 15 in the series so I can really connect with characters.

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  3. One of Janet Evanovich’s books was one of the first ARC books I read and I was so disappointed. I don’t know if the problem was that just that one particular book was not stellar or if it didn’t work well as a standalone. I do know that if a writer has successfully cranked out and SOLD that many books, she must have something going for her. That is probably another series that I need to try the first book. So many books, so little time!

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    • It might be the substance in the book. Sometimes the mystery is second place to the humor and build-up of the main character. With Stephanie Plum, she’s hilarious… but if you want a truly complex mystery, it won’t often show up. I like both options, so I alternate the reads between hardcore thriller and light/fun cozy. This is right on the edge of a cozy, not quite in either realm. Might be part of your initial disappointment.

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