Review: The Lost Symbol

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The Lost Symbol
The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dan Brown is one of my favorite authors. I know there are several of my online and in-person (sounds so weird!) friends who disagree, but ultimately… you have to acknowledge the amount of time and dedication he puts into his story, the vast eccentric cast of characters, the intrigue and suspense, the unexpected connections and the fast-paced thrill of turning the pages more quickly than you can actually read each one. People love books for different reasons. It’s not always the “beautiful and lyrical prose” or the “emotional gut punch you feel from its reality.”

These books are meant to keep your heart racing, your mind guessing and your eyes unable to blink for a few minutes at a time. At the time I’m writing this review, it’s been about five years since I read the book, and I still haven’t seen the movie… but I am excited to watch it, though I haven’t heard great things from those who have.

Of the four Robert Langdon books in the series, this was my least favorite. Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code had such complex and shocking story lines, I couldn’t help but be amazed. Inferno was so intense and ripe with “what if” scenarios, my mind was non-stop going. With this book, it’s still a huge and complex puzzle, but it felt a little weaker than the other ones. There was a different type of emotional connection given Langdon’s friendship with the kidnapped mentor.

I liked the puzzle, but were pictures necessary?

It was a little too easy to solve this time.

It felt a bit repetitive at times.

But you still flip the pages faster than a normal read.

I’d push you to read his other books. I’d be OK if you skipped this one.

But I am still super excited about Origin, the fifth in the series, which will debut later this year.

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