Review: Guiding Light: Jonathan’s Story

Guiding Light: Jonathan's Story
Guiding Light: Jonathan’s Story by Julia London

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Guiding Light was the longest running television soap opera, airing from 1937 to 1952 on radio, and then from 1952 until 2009 on TV. I became hooked on it the summer I turned 13 and had a lot of free time on my hands. I watched it for 15+ years, faithfully recording it on my VCR while I was at school and then when I went to college. It wasn’t easy explaining why a 21 year old guy had to record a show on the VCR for an hour a day. And I would get crabby whenever I missed it!

By 2000, the show was on a decline, in part due to the months-long televised OJ Simpson trial. End result, Guiding Light pulled out all the stops to try and retain more viewership. One of those attempts was publishing a book about a few of the most memorable characters, and it was called Guiding Light: Jonathan’s Story, by Julia London.

As I was a huge fan, I had to read it; however, if you only watched the show, and didn’t know about the book, things were happening off screen to the characters that you never knew about. And that just felt odd.

When I checked my “read” books today to see what I needed to write a review on, this one showed up, and I saw that of about 1000 Goodreads friends as of today, 0 had read this book. Hilarious! So I’m not going to convince you to read it. And you’re probably thinking…

All I can say is… when you love a TV show, you’ll read anything about the characters. And while the book wasn’t bad, it was just a bit odd for me to read it and then watch a different story line on TV. I applaud the show for trying this method tho!

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