365 Challenge: Day 47 – Healthy

Healthy: indicative of, conducive to, or promoting good health (free from illness or injury)

Being “healthy” has been on my mind more than usual in the last few days. And while this may not be a typical trait or characteristic to describe oneself, it feels like an important one to discuss right now. That said, I am not a doctor, health practitioner, therapist or fitness guru; I offer no advice other than random thoughts occurring in my mind…

If I had to guess where I fall on the scale of being healthy or unhealthy, specifically relating to the supposed norm for my gender, age, body type, etc., I’d say, I’m likely on the fairly healthy end. I certainly have moments where I am not a good example, but I generally strive to be healthy when it comes to my body. I’m not covering being healthy with the mind today, as that’s a good topic for another day.

Being healthy for me is more a way of or an approach to life. I am by no means very knowledgeable on the topic as a whole, but I try to incorporate little things throughout the day — to improve my chances… I’d like to live a long life free of pain and illness. To do that, I know I need to pay attention to certain areas along that path. I can’t change my genetics, which have a large contributing role to my health. I can’t prevent accidents or impacts from other people or environmental conditions, which will also have some control to my future healthiness. But I can ensure I take positive steps.

Let's get physical

Many thanks to the GIF creator on this one. Angela Lansbury made a video called “Positive Moves.” My friends and I love “Murder, She Wrote,” but became obsessed with this video… shocking stuff and commentary on her video for someone so seemingly innocent!

And so… a few areas I try to focus on when attaining a healthy lifestyle:

  • I monitor what I eat on a regular basis.
    • It doesn’t mean I don’t make bad choices, but the decision process is a conscious part of my day. I try to balance the intake of vegetables, fruits, meats, grains, dairy, et al, not consuming too much or too little of any one item.
    • I know most pre-packaged or processed foods are not good for me and should only be eaten in small quantities. I’m trying to swap snack bars with fresh produce, nuts and grains wherever possible. I’m much better at it now than I was in the past.
    • I think about limiting portions so that I am not feeling over-stuffed and bloated.
      • GOOD – I’ve tried swapping a few meals a week with healthy protein shakes or juices. And my online friend Jenn (Read,Rant,Rock&Roll is the blog) has some great tips. Check them out here — plus her blog has tons of book reviews. A must see!
      • BAD – I had IHOP yesterday with my parents (splurge day, and I love me some IHOP) but I was so bloated for hours afterwards. Good thing we went for a 30 minute walk afterwards, to at least try to fix it.
    • I plan my meals a little more in advance; I think about using leftovers, making a lunch for 2 or 3 days, and knowing food options if I’m away from home during meal hours.

  • I occasionally take vitamins, but know that I should be more diligent.
    • I buy them, and usually take them 3 to 4 times per week. But to be honest, I often forget as they are hidden in the bathroom cabinet. I don’t like things sitting out on counters; if not in sight, I miss it.
    • I should associate taking daily vitamins with another mid-morning activity so it goes hand in hand… Need to think about this approach or consider always taking them at lunch.
    • I need to research this area more. I honestly do not know the proper amounts for someone like me, e.g. age, weight, ethnicity, height, etc.
    • I drink water, coffee and OJ. No sugar-added juices or soda. Not for about 20 years at this point. I’ll have a glass maybe once every few months, but that’s it.
  • I try not to take any medicine unless absolutely necessary.
    • I am not on any prescriptions, so that’s easy. I’m lucky.
    • I only take Advil or Tylenol when I have a really bad headache. Otherwise I try to get through it with water, coffee or stress-relief tactics.
    • I’m not big on going to the doctor for colds or smaller things. OJ and Vitamin C are my friend. Doctors are for big items in my world. It’s not a money thing. It’s a “don’t be wasteful of someone else’s time” thing.
    • I am learning to balance my drinking… sometimes it’s 5 per week, sometimes it’s all I want on Sat & Sun, but none during the week. All depends, but I make sure it’s not an every day thing! Even tho, I firmly believe:

  • I workout regularly.
    • I try to walk whenever possible. Unless it’s hot out. I hate to sweat. So then it’s public transportation all the way, baby.
    • I get to the gym at least 5 days per week. Usually 45 to 60 minutes each time, alternating between weights/machines and cardio/abs each day.
    • I sit on the couch a lot when I should be getting up and about more often to keep the muscles moving around frequently.
  • I’ve been healthy most of my life so I’m lucky it’s been easy to follow.
    • Occasional kidney stones… those are painful! Especially when I was 11 or 12 and got my first one. I was also starting to go through puberty around that time… And I was so messed up about everything going on in that area! Not that you really care to hear about that.

  • Every year at my regular “check-up,”(yes, I will go for this reason) the doctor tells me I have the blood pressure of a teenager. It’s something like 100 over 60. I think it’s because I am in tune with my body and keep stress free whenever possible!
  • My cholesterol has always been low until the last two years when it started approaching 200. I know it’s what I am eating from time to time, so I’m cutting out the cheese (except as a treat) and other contributing factors. No need to take medicine to fix that yet.
  • No broken bones or injuries.
  • Eyesight is pretty poor, and I wear contact lenses or glasses.
  • Family history of cancer, diabetes, kidney issues, alcoholism and heart disease. Almost every single person who passed away (grandparents and great-grandparents) had at least 2 of those issues.

Knowing all this, it’s my responsibility to do my best to be healthy. It saves my own pain and problems, but also the rest of the world:

  • My friends and family will worry less.
  • Doctors will be free to see other patients who are sick because of things they had no control over.
  • I can demonstrate a better way of living to younger generations.
  • I have more free time.
  • I will live much longer.

Let’s hope I’m not putting a little curse on it by writing all about it today. I don’t actually believe in something being a jinx, but this is also not a topic I’d mess around with. I want to be healthy. To torture you with posts forever, of course!

About Me & the “365 Daily Challenge”

I’m Jay. I am 40 and live in NYC. By profession, I work in technology. By passion, I work in writing. I’ve always been a reader. And now I’m a daily blogger. I decided to start my own version of the “365 Daily Challenge” where since March 13, 2017, I’ve posted a characteristic either I currently embody or one I’d like to embody in the future. 365 days of reflection to discover who I am and what I want out of life.

The goal: Knowledge. Acceptance. Understanding. Optimization. Happiness. Help. For myself. For others. And if all else fails, humor. When I’m finished in one year, I hope to have more answers about the future and what I will do with the remainder of my life. All aspects to be considered. It’s not just about a career, hobbies, residence, activities, efforts, et al. It’s meant to be a comprehensive study and reflection from an ordinary man. Not a doctor. Not a therapist. Not a friend. Not an encyclopedia full of prior research. Just pure thought, a blogged journal with true honesty.

Join the fun and read a new post each day, or check out my book reviews, TV/Film reviews or favorite vacation spots. And feel free to like, rate, comment or take the poll for each post. Note: All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me, but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them. Many thanks to their original creators.



  1. I’m in your boat sort of. I don’t monitor what I eat on a regular basis though I probably should but I’ve got a great set of genes so no one can really tell, lol. I want to exercise more but its so hard to find a routine that works for me so far. I mainly drink water, OJ, and no sugar added cranberry juice. If I do drink pop, its usually ginger ale which I like to think is healthy… sssh. Anyway, I hope you achieve your goals and making me look at my eating/drinking/exercising habits a little more closely.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi. Thanks for responding, and it’s great you have good genes. Mine aren’t bad, but not great either. Ginger Ale is my go to soda as well… if I really need it. But it’s also in my go to drink with Jack Daniels, so I’m careful about how often I will have it.

      If my post only makes 1 or 2 people think about making a small change, it’s worth it. Little things can have the biggest difference. And I’m definitely not obsessive or being healthy (though I should be), as I have my bad moments… but life’s all about doing a little more / better each passing day/week/year. Ugh, now I sound so preachy. Someone knock me back awake 😛

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  2. I used to have kidney stones. It runs in my family, kidney issues. But a long time ago I switched to a plant based diet and I’ve never had another one or any health issues. Unless I eat something I know I shouldn’t like sugar or flour. I don’t eat meat, dairy,eggs. Plants and beans and whole grains. I drink a lot of water. To make it not boring I fill up a pitcher with oranges, lemons and limes along with some mint and water and keep it in the fridge. Good for you for making better choices!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ha! That’s funny. I have a lot of free time right now, so it’s easier than it would normally be. I’m trying to finish 200+ reviews so I am fully caught up on everything I’ve read. Then I can have more substance and humor in the new books I read.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. James, this a great post! Thanks for laying it all out there. It sounds like you’re doing great and that’s wonderful. I think processed food is such a huge one and when I slip up, I really it. There are still a few items in my cabinet I need to omit and birthday cake still has a hold on me. 😀

    I wish you the best health 2017!

    P.S. Thanks for including a link to my post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. I appreciate it. I probably had the recipes on my mind when I was thinking about the posts for the week. I am heading to the grocery store tomorrow to get ingredients to try some out for next week. Thanks again.


  4. I was really interested in this post (and the comments) and kind of used it as a checklist, “Yes, I’m good on this one; I really should do that”, etc. I am on four prescription meds, but for a 72 year old, that’s not too bad. My husband is 78 and on NO prescriptions except prescription strength potassium for kidney stones, and he will take Aleve for aches and pains or tired-out headaches. He is Super Man.

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