Review: The Cat Who Played Post Office

The Cat Who Played Post OfficeBook Review
4 of 5 stars to The Cat Who Played Post Office, the 6th book in the Cat Who mystery series, by Lilian Jackson Braun. This is one of my favorite books in the whole series. It’s actually the book that really changes the series, moving Qwill from the urban city atmosphere to 400 miles north of everywhere. Yes, some changed in the previous book, number 5, but this is the one where Qwill had to make some decisions about his future. His Aunt Fanny has passed away, leaving him millions of dollars; however, he has to move to Moose County where she lived for 5 years to inherit the funds. The good thing… he doesn’t want the money, but he knows in order to protect all the charities and foundations, he needs to keep the money. And he does… but he eventually stay a lot longer than 5 years.

It kicks off with Qwill having some memory issues post-accident. Someone does not want him inheriting this money, nor living in Pickax. And thus begins his long-time friendships and enemy-lines among the townspeople in Moose County. This is the book where you learn the history, the core families, the necessary facts to set up a series for another 20 books. It’s a must read if you are sampling some in this series. For a while, I wanted to move here… even tho it doesn’t exist… it was modeled after a few towns. Perhaps some day… and I too can solve cozy crimes.

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    • Yes, the Fluke books are good. Holler if you want any recommendations. As for the Cat Who ones… the cats exhibit some odd behaviors which inevitably lead to the killer. Plus it gives the main character someone to talk with aloud about his suspicions. lol


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