Review: C is for Corpse

C is for Corpse Review
4 of 5 stars to C is for Corpse. Another fun adventure with Kinsey Millhone. But this time, she’s got a case that’s twice as hard because the person who’s hired her has a bit of amnesia from a recent accident. But he’s certain someone’s trying to kill him. What’s always interesting about Kinsey is how she charges for her cases, and when she chooses to work or not work. For example… she gets an upfront retainer which will keep her paid for a week’s work. But then when the person who hired her actually dies in another accident, she’s got money left. Should she give it back to the next of kin and abandon the case, letting the cops handle it. It is their job, right? No… not for Kinsey. She will use up the retainer and then either donate what’s left or keep it if it’s small enough to justify hazard pay! 🙂

The third entry in the “Kinsey Millhone” mystery series by Sue Grafton is a complex mystery, especially when she only has certain info from the client before he bites the dust. But his family just thinks he’s losing his mind and almost want to give up on him. Sort of like Kinsey feels about Henry dating… and he’s found someone this time, but Kinsey’s not sure how she feels about it. A necessary fun side-story to keep us entertained above and beyond the actual mystery itself. And how can you go wrong with a title containing the word “corpse.”

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