Review: Macbeth

Macbeth by William Shakespeare

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Book Review
Ah Macbeth… good old, dark and devious Macbeth. We read this as part of a 10th grade AP English course and watched a movie to compare the differences between the two versions. Everyone has his or her own take on Macbeth. I rather enjoyed the play back in high school and then again in college during my English major. It’s nearly 500 years old. Even by today’s standards, it has some of the most fun drama you could imagine. It’s sort of like a reality TV show, don’t you think?

Witches. Devious wife. Devilish husband. Death all around. Ghosts. Superstitious behavior. All great plot points. Amazing characters to work with. Fun and lyrical language. Can’t say enough good things about it. But to flip the coin for a minute… was it too much all in one story? What are we supposed to learn from it? Who was this really about? Many open-ended questions I’d love to ask Mr. Shakespeare.

If you’ve never read it… it’s necessary reading for classic / historical literature. If you’ve read it and didn’t like it, why? I’d love to know.

For me, it hit the mystery sweet spot in a few ways, even though it wasn’t quite a story about “who’s the killer.” It was more a thriller… “who else is gonna die?”

Tons of adaptions. Stage plays. It’s a multi-media dream come true for directors, producers and actors. As a play, it’s easy to follow and moves quickly.

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  1. Aaah good ole Shakespeare. I took a Shakespeare course that included writing sonnets and cantebury tales. Great review! Macbeth is one of my favorites 😊

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  2. So do you believe Lady Macbeth killed the guards? Or did Macbeth kill the guards? I was talking to two of my teachers and they have two totally different interpretations on what happened regarding the guards’ murder… oh these open ended questions! 😂

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