Review: Gulliver’s Travels

Gulliver's Travels Book Review
If you’ve never heard of Jonathan Swift before, perhaps this will jog your memory… In one of his other famous works, A Modest Proposal, he offers a suggestion that we should eat babies in order to survive.

Whaaaaat? You’re probably thinking I’m a nut job for talking about this. But a few things to remember…

1. Swift is Irish. So it’s OK. They can say those sort of things and get away with. And so can I. Because I’m Irish. Oh… and it’s all satire. So let’s relax a bit. 😛

2. A Modest Proposal is not the point of this review. Swift’s other famous work, Gulliver’s Travels, is the point of this review.

3. Swift wrote these novels / essays about 300 years ago. Yes, you read that correctly. 300 years ago.

4. The government controlled everything. He was a rebel. But a good one. And his works are absolutely fantastic. On to Gulliver’s Travels. My rating: 4 of 5 stars

5. This may be where the word “yahoo” comes from. LOL

This is one where I just don’t want to ruin the story. Gulliver encounters several new species of people on his travels, most notably the Brobdingnag folks and the Lilliputians. Basically, the land of really tiny people and really huge people. But don’t think this is a non-politically correct book, where he’s saying negative things about giants, midgets, short people, tall people, etc. It’s satire and 300 years old. It’s the language of the past. He’s commenting on society’s values, the things people say/do, who’s hovering over whom, etc. He’s actually “standing up for the [wo]man.”

It’s such an absurdist story that you undoubtedly enjoy it. Yes, its language is a little stilted. And it’s written in a way where sometimes the classics can be painful. I admit it. I love them, but I admit it. If you need something satirical, read a few chapters. Pick the first two voyages. It’s a bit lengthy, but you’ll get the drift even skimming a little bit. Everything he has to say is still mostly pertinent to how we feel about government today, just different priorities and levels of occurrence. But when you can input all the things we’re feeling and thinking into a entirely new made-up race or breed of people, showing the silliness of what is going on in politics and culture, it’s a good laugh worth experiencing. It was one of the fastest published and absorbed works of literature in history. People ate it up! America wasn’t even a country when this was published!!!

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