Review: D is for Deadbeat

D is for DeadbeatBook Review
3.5 of 5 stars (rounded up!) to D is for Deadbeat published in 1987 and written by Sue Grafton. In this installment, Kinsey’s rattled when a mysterious man asks her to deliver $25K to someone who turns out to be a teenager. Shortly after the check he gave Kinsey for her own fee bounces and the guy turns up dead. Cut her losses? No… Investigate to see if you can recover your money. Sometimes Kinsey… you just don’t know when to talk away, but at least you’re not beat up in this book like previous ones. All in all, a solid book in the series. Everything is right in the comfy range here… a even-paced read, a few laugh aloud moments, a couple of hints of suspense. It’s a joy to watch Kinsey work, as it is usually direct and without gimmicks. I love other series with gimmicks too, but sometimes you just want to focus on the crime and the resolution. And the setting is always great… Santa Teresa, California where the weather seems perfect and the people have just enough wit and charm to keep you entertained and happy.

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