Author Spotlight: Janet Evanovich

With over 300 book reviews transferred from Goodreads to ThisIsMyTruthNow, my personal website and blog, it’s time to add another feature. I’ve been building a new menu structure in the background over the last few weeks, each time I post a new or updated review. Beginning this week, and going forward each week, I’ll add a new post called “Author Alert,” where I will provide a brief overview of an author, the books I’ve read and some thought on the whole subject.

For this first week, I’ve selected one of my favorite authors who has multiple book series, writes in different genres, and where I’ve got some reviews completed, some still to write up and even some books I haven’t read.

Don’t be shy, tell me what you think and what else you want to add / change. First up…


Janet Evanovich currently writes romance and mystery fiction. For more information on her, you can check Goodreads or Fantastic Fiction, two of my favorite sites. She is one of the most prolific and famous writers in these genres during current times, as you can see by just the list of books I’ve read below, as well as the other series mentioned. To dive deeper into the page I’ve created for her, you can click on Janet Evanovich. See below for a sample of the content on her dedicated page. Additional content includes favorite characters, scenes and books.

Book Series – Stephanie Plum Mysteries

I enjoy these books because she is a funny writer, full of bizarre and relate-able characters; some of which I’d love to meet, but some I would like to stay very far away from. Among my favorites, besides the main characters, Stephanie Plum, are Lula and Ranger. I’ve always been a Ranger / Stephanie fan, and although Joe Morelli can be a sweet guy sometimes, I like the dark and dangerous relationship just a bit more.

… just listing some books here, the rest are on the page noted above or here

  • Sizzling Sixteen (2009)
  • Smokin’ Seventeen (2011)
  • Turbo Twenty-Three (2016) — not yet read
  • Hardcore Twenty-Four (2017) — not yet read

Beyond the Stephanie Plum series, the author’s also written several books in the following series:

  • Fox and O’Hare (with Lee Goldberg) – currently 5 full-length books and several short in-between stories – mystery fiction genre
  • Lizzy & Diesel – currently 3 full-length books, but Diesel is mentioned in the Stephanie Plum short novellas, too – mystery / romance / paranormal genre
  • Full (with Charlotte Hughes) – currently 6 full-length books – romantic suspense genre

Link to Janet Evanovich Page

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  1. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve re-read the Plum series. Talk about a wonderful supportive cast. Grandma, Connie, Connie and Ranger. Wow, now there’s absolute sexiness. Batman. Cool toys, cars, fearless. I agree, Morelli is meh.


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