Review: Black Notice

Black Notice Book Review
3.5 of 5 stars (rounded up due to the topic in the book) for Black Notice, the 10th book in the “Kay Scarpetta” thriller and suspense series, written in 1999 by Patricia Cornwell. For me, this was a transitional book in the series, not so much from good to bad, but in the terms of who Kay Scarpetta is and what happens with the people in her life. If you are still reading the series, or think you will, don’t read the next few lines… then skip ahead to the next paragraph where it will be spoiler free. *** SPOILER *** Kay has lost Benton… and she needs to re-evaluate her life. Knowing what happens later in the books, and thinking about what we learn in this one and the previous one, I really questioned what Cornwell was doing in the series… and if it was just too many directional changes *** SPOILER END ***

So… the best part about this book is that there is the possibility of a werewolf. No… Cornwell didn’t delve into fantasy, but there is a disease that could make someone look like a werewolf and that’s where we go in this installment. Rather than cover the actual details of the story… think about the amount of effort and work Cornwell had to put into this book in order to write this story. It’s highly focused on extreme medical conditions, takes you across the continent, involves shipping procedures, politics, FBI investigations. This is not a normal everyday writer’s story… Cornwell may have a few downs in some of her books, but you can never question her ability to write a good story and to put the effort into surprising her fans. She excels in this area, and this book is one of those reasons for me. You don’t want to stop turning the pages and will end up reading it in one rather long sitting, just to understand what this werewolf thing is all about!

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