Review: The Cat Who Knew a Cardinal

The Cat Who Knew a Cardinal Book Review
4 of 5 stars to The Cat Who Knew a Cardinal, the 12th book in a 29-book series, written in 1991 by Lilian Jackson Braun. In this cozy little mystery, Qwill must solve a murder that’s happened on his own property. This is the one that explores the greatness of the converted barn he lives in on the apple orchard. Koko goes a little cuckoo over the cardinal that seems to be harassing him from the trees. And the theatre crowd comes over to visit Qwill every night after the show… not for nothing, but this guy’s got a more active life than me. They probably don’t finish the show until after 10. If guests showed up every night at my place after 10, I’d not be a happy camper. But it makes for a cool mystery when the one everyone hates is found dead in the garden. Maybe Qwill couldn’t take it anymore and pushed himself over the line this time… or perhaps the killer realizes Qwill is on to him or her… great scene in the converted barn — it’s 3 stories high and has a few episodes of danger. Someone could fall easily… and of course, someone eventually does.

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