AWARD: Liebster – Discover New Blogs

I was nominated for this award by Susan at SUSANDYER1962. You should take a look at her blog and follow her. She’s got fantastic content. She’s very kind and friendly; we interact online all the time and it’s always fun. I believe the award is for helping to discover great new blogs you’d want to follow, so here goes my follow-up for the Liebster Award:



  • Say thank you to the person who has nominated you for the Award.
  • Answer the 11 questions the person has asked you
  • Nominate 11 people
  • Ask the people who you have nominated 11 questions


1. What one person dead or alive, would you like to have lunch with?

  • ALIVE: Ken Follett, just to get advice, learn how his mind words and be transported to another country for a few hours.
  • DEAD: A great-great-great grandparent, so I could track down more information on our family tree.

2. Who is your all time favorite author?

  • Oops! I may have answered it in the previous question. But I currently have four (4) I bounce between: Agatha Christie, Henry James, Ken Follett and Kate Morton

3. What do you usually drink when reading?

  • Coffee or flavored seltzer

4. Where do you normally read?

  • On the couch, in one of two reading corner chairs or in bed

5. Do you own bookcases? Can I see them?

  • Yes, but not as many as I used. Check out my Instagram feed and you’ll see a few. Feel free to follow me, too. I love to interact everywhere on social media.

6. What is your favorite TV show?

  • Too many to choose… the current series I’m watching include: Grace and Frankie, Younger, Young & Hungry, How To Get Away With Murder, Kimmy Schmidt, Great British Baking Show, Falcon Crest, Scandal, Modern Family, The Real O’Neals, SNL, Schitt’s Creek, Downward Dog, Mom, Life in Pieces, Who Do You Think You Are?

7. If you were going to have your last meal, what would it be?

  • Steak Tartare, Champagne, Jack Daniels & Ginger Ale, Pinot Noir, Chocolate Cake, French Fries

8. Which do you prefer, e-book or real book?

  • Started using e-readers recently, and they’re OK, but I think I prefer a physical book

9. Who was the last person/band you saw in concert?

  • Dolly Parton at the Queens outdoor arena

10. What book are you reading right now? Do you like it?

  • I plan to start “You” by Caroline Kepnes tonight. I just finished “Dead with the Wind” by Miranda James last night. It was a cute cozy, but I’m hoping for a great thriller in “You.”

11. How long have you been blogging?

  • 9 months




Patricia at Tea & Tales

Stephanie’s Novel Fiction

Nel at Reactionary Tales

Dizzy at Dinosaurs, Donkey…




Roda at GrowingSelf

Lashaan at Bookidote




  1. What made you start blogging?
  2. What are the primary content areas on your site?
  3. What other languages can you speak, read or write?
  4. Which color best describes your choice in books?
  5. What is your favorite of the 7 deadly sins, and why?
  6. What other job would you want to have?
  7. What foods can’t you stomach no matter how hard you try? (You must have tried it before)
  8. What zoo animal would you most want as a pet?
  9. Who do you live with?
  10. Describe the perfect book.
  11. Which blog that you follow is your must-read every day? Only 1!


Thank you very much. I wish much happiness and fun to everyone participating.

Also, can anyone tell me who this “Liebster” is, or what that references???  😛



  1. I googled it, and I am guessing it comes from the German translation ‘beloved’, or ‘sweetheart’.

    Great answers, btw 🙂

    I’ve been working on this too…and I was going to nominate you as well…I hope you aren’t tired of these awards! The curse of being an awesome blogger! lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. James! You’re list of shows!!!! I need to get into some of the ones you listed that I haven’t seen yet because we have the same tastes! Congratulations on the award and thanks for the nomination! Your questions are going to be so fun to answer! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks, James for the award! I will try to get to it tonight or sometime later this week! Tomorrow I’m having a lovely root canal, so I’m not sure what I’ll be in the mood to answer or if they would make any sense at all, which might be interesting, lol!

    I do love your tv shows! I’m glad to see SNL, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder are on your list;; they are great! Falcon Crest!! I remember my mom and grandma watching that when I was maybe 4 or 5; I always wanted to watch, but my mom made me leave the room because it was “too grown up”. But, my grandma used to let me watch it at her house, lol. I’m pretty sure my mom was right…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yikes… hope the root canal is as painless as possible, Stephanie.

      As for Falcon Crest, it has some risque moments, especially for under 13! Love my TV shows, but I try to keep it to less than 90 minutes a night. Summer’s are lighter with less on, so it is much easier.


      • Thanks! I hope so too; I’ve never had a root canal, so this will be interesting, but I have a pretty high pain tolerance so am counting on that to help!

        Yeah, I’ve seen some clips of Falcon Crest (along with reruns of Dynasty and Dallas that my grandma also let me watch, and I know I shouldn’t have!!), and there is no way that I would let my 6 yr old daughter watch it! Seems it’s true that grandparents spoil you more than your parents do!

        I have so many things dvr’d that I just haven’t had time to watch over the past couple of semesters, but I did get caught up enough with Scandal to see the season finale last week, wow! Summer is definitely my time to catch up on tv, movies, and my reading..reading always comes 1st though!!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. […] I’m a slacker. I’ve been nominated for this award twice! Thank you to the spectacular James, who I’ve nominated for plenty awards, because I love reading his 365 challenge posts! […]


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