Review: Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel Book Review
3.499999 of 5 stars (therefore rounded down!) for Guardian Angel, the 7th book in the mystery series, written in 1992 by Sara Paretsky. This book was a slight turning point in the series for me. VI has always been a bit of a recluse, a little difficult to swallow and sometimes bitter. But it was part of her charm and personality, and you always understood her. In this book, she’s fighting for something she strongly believes needs to be fixed, and several of her cases are colliding. At the same time, her friends are warning her to slow down, remove herself from a few situations and to think about what she’s choosing to do. While they don’t truly turn their backs on her, they’ve made it clear she’s crossing lines that shouldn’t be crossed. What do you do when you feel your friends have abandoned you for your choices? And what’s a reader to do when you’re concerned about a character you love? Is she going too rogue? Do you believe her? Why and What is going on? Keep asking the questions… it’s worth it at the end, but it does push the envelope for a bit in how much you can tolerate how VI behaves.

That said, the mystery is of course great. VI tackles several social topics, especially understanding who stands up for people when they can no longer stand up for themselves? And when you add in unscrupulous people, battles between lawyers and the bad side of town, it’s bound to get complicated. This one is worth reading if you’ll only sample a few in the series.

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