Author Spotlight: Jenn McKinlay

As part of our Author Alert series, we’re now on our second week and I’ve completed nearly 350 reviews on the ThisIsMyTruthNow blog site. This week, I’ve selected… Jenn McKinlay!


Jenn McKinlay writes romance, humor, suspense, and mystery fiction. To learn more about her, you can see her profile on Goodreads, her personal website or her Facebook profile.

Two of my favorite things about Jenn McKinlay is her creativity and her down-to-earth and humble personality. You can tell by all her posts [on Facebook about her family, vacations and the writing process] that she is a genuine and caring person. Reading things like those posts about an author help readers feel close to the people who create the stories they love, which in turn develops a strong fandom for the books being written. And she has a lot of books… mostly serial fiction… many of which I’ve read across multiple series. See below for some highlights.


Book Series – Library Lovers Mysteries

Lindsey Norris, director of the Briar Creek Public Library, in Connecticut, has returned to her hometown after losing her position at a bigger library. She’s inherited an interesting group of employees at the new library, plus she’s falling for a few of the people who live around town. The book currently has 8 in the series and often focuses on books and libraries as part of the mystery thrills. Lindsey is a great character, full of fun and surprise. She seems a little reticent to get into a relationship, but it’s getting better. I can’t wait to meet her parents, especially having seen what her brother was like when he was the center of a mystery.

Book Series – Library Lovers Mysteries — Favorite Series

  1. Books Can Be Deceiving (2011)
  2. Due or Die (2012)
  3. Book, Line & Sinker (2012)
  4. Read It and Weep (2013)
  5. On Borrowed Time (2014)
  6. A Likely Story (2015)
  7. Better Late Than Never (2016)
  8. Death in the Stacks (2017)

Book Series – Cupcake Bakery Mysteries

The Cupcake Bakery mysteries feature owners Melanie “Mel” Cooper and Angela “Angie” DeLaura and contains 9 books in the series. These best friends are also openly embracing the dating world and trying to decide which one belongs with their male best friend! Reminds me a little bit of Hannah Swensen from the Joanne Fluke cozy mystery series.

  1. Sprinkle with Murder (2010)
  2. Buttercream Bump Off (2011)
  3. Death By the Dozen (2011)
  4. Red Velvet Revenge (2012)
  5. Going, Going, Ganache (2013)
  6. Sugar and Iced (2014)
  7. Dark Chocolate Demise (2015)
  8. Vanilla Beaned (2016)
  9. Caramel Crush (2017)

Book Series – Hat Shop Mysteries

Scarlett has left the US after a disastrous and public break-up, deciding England may be a better place to re-start her life. She comes to visit her cousin and helps run the hat shop, finding murder wherever she goes. I love cozy mystery books that take place in England. I’ve only read one to day, but just purchased the next two which are due to arrive this week. I’ll read them in June. The series has 5 books to date.

  1. Cloche and Dagger (2013)
  2. Death of a Mad Hatter (2014)
  3. At the Drop of a Hat (2015)
  4. Copy Cat Murder (2016)
  5. Assault & Beret (2017)

In addition to the above 3 series, Jenn also has some other books:

Book Series – Bluff Point Romance

A romance series featuring the dogs who in the main character’s lives. Contains 3 books in the series either currently published or about to be published.

  1. About a Dog (2017)
  2. Barking Up the Wrong Tree (2017)
  3. Every Dog Has His Day (2017)

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  1. I love Jenn McKinley, she is the barometer by which I judge all other cozy mysteries. She had a new romance book come out that I’d like to read because I’ve never read romance by her and I wonder how good she’ll be.

    Liked by 1 person

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