Review: Prime Cut

Prime Cut Book Review
3.5 out of 5 stars for Prime Cut, the 8th book in the “Goldy Bear Schultz Culinary” cozy mystery series, written in 1998 by Diane Mott Davidson. We’re midway thru the series with this installment and it’s still going strong. Goldy’s working with her mentor, trying ot retain her catering business, as the competition has turned up the heat and stolen some business in their Denver-adjacent town. But the trouble doesn’t stop there, as anything that could go wrong, does go wrong for her this time. Her contractor, who is taking too long on the repairs, ends up being murdered. Goldy’s police detective husband is removed from the case and told to stay home for the short term, limiting Goldy’s access to important information. But when she almost bites the dust, she knows it’s time to step up her own investigation to save her business, her friend, her husband and her life. Another fine edition, full of good recipes and spot-on characters. The mystery is more complex (for a cozy) than usual, given various sub-plots. Seeing someone else besides Marla that used to know Goldy is great. But there’s also some sadness towards the end. I enjoy her relationship with Tom, wondering a bit about how close to reality this whole thing could play out, but then again… it’s supposed to be just literary fun. So… consider it an accomplishment. I enjoyed it.

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