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Predator Book Review
3.499999 (rounded down to a 3) out of 5 stars to Predator, the 14th book in the thriller and suspense mystery “Kay Scarpetta” series, published in 2005 by Patricia Cornwell. With so many books in a series, all about crazed serial killers, each successive one needs to do a lot to step it up. I thought this one would do it, as the book focused on multiple killers and tries to understand patterns using brain research. And parts of it were great. But parts of it were too difficult to follow or understand, went off course, had character traits getting more and more annoying… so it fell in the middle of the series for me. I pushed it higher than a 3 only because of how much effort you can tell the author puts into the books, and she should be rewarded for it, as people don’t realize how everything does line up from a technical and scientific perspective — for the most part. It’s one of those series you need to take a break from for a few years, to try new stuff. Then go back. With this one, it’s very analytic from a psychology and thought-pattern perspective, less from a tracking movements of the killer’s actions. Good, but not fantastic.

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