Review: Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Shakespeare's Sonnets Book Review
William Shakespeare wrote hundreds of sonnets over three decades, mostly from the 1580s through 1610. I’m assuming most everyone has read a few of his sonnets, given they are usually required reading in high school. There is something to love in every single one of them. There is something to be confused at in every single of them. No one can deny his talent. Whether you enjoy rhymes or prefer just the beauty of the words, the lines definitely create images in your mind of what he’s writing about. Love, pain, anger, frustration, beauty, sadness… it’s all there. I enjoy them because it’s a momentary breath of something new and different. I’m not much into poetry, though I find at times, it’s the best reading of all… when you see a full character and his/her thoughts and actions in as little words as possible. Everyone should read a few, find the grouping that work for you, and just get lost in the words for a few hours. See if it makes you think differently about things. It gets a 3 because as good as they are, they are still short poems that sometimes hit the mark and sometimes do not — so while there are a few that warrant a 5, there are as many than warrant a 1.

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