Review: Hamlet

Hamlet Book Review
4 out of 5 stars to Hamlet, a tragedy published in 1600 by William Shakespeare. Buckle your seat belts, as I have a 38 page review to share… Just Kidding! Well, I do have a lengthy review I could include from a previous course on Shakespeare, but I will not do so here… chance are you’ve already read the play or seen some film adaption, perhaps even a staged version. I’ve seen a bunch of them and read the place 4 times (once in high school, twice in college and once just for pleasure). Here’s the thing about this play: There is WAY too much to absorb in just one or two reads. Each time you read the play, you pick up on new interpretations, new meanings and new thought patterns. Each time you watch a new performance, the actors and directors choose a different angle or approach. Hamlet is all of us. And we will always take from it something we want to believe… likely based on what’s going on in our life at that time. If you are having relationship issues, you’ll probably focus on that aspect of Hamlet’s life. If you feel depressed, you’ll questions “to be or not to be.” If you are happy, you’ll root for him to do the right things. I’m not sure if that’s how Shakespeare intended it to happen, but he certainly left it open on purpose. Maybe not to allow us to have completely widespread views and interpretations, but enough to choose the key things we want to focus on. I think maybe I need to read it again this summer!

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