Review: The Cat Who Had 14 Tales

The Cat Who Had 14 Tales Book Review
3 out of 5 stars to The Cat Who Had 14 Tales, a collection of short stories about cats involved in solving crimes, written in 1988 by Lilian Jackson Braun. So… as if 29 books about Koko and YumYum solving crimes alongside Qwill in Moose County wasn’t enough, Braun goes and pulls together a short story collection with 14 mini-mysteries, some with Qwill’s cats and some without… all cute reads, perfect for a short subway or train ride, a moment in between meetings and while you’re kid’s taking a nap! LOL I read them in one sitting, as they are pretty quick reads. Always fun to see the antics of cats and how they contribute to the welfare of society staying murder-free… or at least solving the case after the murders occur. Since it seems inevitable in Braun’s world — lots of death and lots of smart cats!

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