Film Review: Dirty Dancing (Re-Make)

3- of 5 stars to the re-make of the film Dirty Dancing, just released on ABC TV in May, 2017. I had no clue they were doing a re-make of this movie until a few days before it aired, and I only knew because I happened to catch a quick promo in between watching on TV shows. I wonder why they didn’t advertise this one too much… wait… I know…

Was there any need to even do a re-make? Let’s dive in to the review… quick side note — I’m not going to do a typical review where I compare and contrast… I’m just throwing a few key thoughts out about the re-make and opening it up to questions and feedback!


dancing                       original



The original Dirty Dancing movie was a phenomenon when released in 1987. I was ten years old and not originally allowed to watch the movie, as it was considered too racy; however, my mom later caved when we were visiting with friends one weekend. I remember my mom and her friend Joyce discussing whether it was appropriate for me and for Joyce’s daughter, Robin, who was 2-years older than me. Ultimately, because the mothers wanted to watch it, they caved and let us watch it, too. But I also recall being asked to close our eyes at a few parts and even asked to leave the room for 5 minutes when the whole abortion discussion came up.

Anyways…trying to stay on track here… I really liked the movie, but I wasn’t a crazy fanatic who fell in love with Patrick Swayze or Jennifer Grey, nor felt the need to watch it every time it was on. I’ve seen it a few times, love many of the songs and I fully admit, when they do the lift, I am on a bit of a high. I have never practiced it tho… either the lifter or the liftee! Have you?????

If you’ve never seen it (what rock do you live under as I need to send you a VHS, as that’s probably the video equipment you’re still using… but then how are you reading this post? Oh @#$#$, now my brain hurts!)…. it’s about a family who vacations in the Catskills in upstate NY in the 1960s/1970s. The father’s a doctor, the mother’s a housewife. They have two girls, about 18 and 20. While on vacation, Baby, the younger daughter, decides to take some dancing lessons and essentially falls for the instructor, Johnny, who is trying to make a living and stay out of trouble. Johnny’s dance partner has a sort-of-botched abortion and can’t dance for a few weeks. Baby steps in, without her family knowing, and has the “time of her life.” Once her family learns about what she’s been up to, they try to stop it; however, it’s too late, as she’s fallen in love with Johnny.

There are tons of other side-stories, but this is the primary one…  somewhere between romance and family drama, it had women swooning over Patrick Swayze, people talking about Jennifer Grey’s funny-shaped nose and it created a whole new generation of people rooting for less “restrictions” in life. (That’s way over simplifying this movie… but if you haven’t seen it, there’s no point in reading my mini-review of the re-make version, right????)

But I’m not wrong, am I???

Focus Jay… so, someone decided to re-make this movie 30 years later… and thus, I have a few comments and questions.

Notable Points

  • Main Roles / Stars
    • Abigail Breslin plays Baby (Primary Character, AKA Frances)
    • Colt Prattes plays Johnny
    • Sarah Hyland plays Lisa (older sister)
    • Nicole Scherzinger plays Penny (Johnny’s dancing partner)
    • Bruce Greenwood plays Jake (father)
    • Debra Messing plays Marjorie (mother)
    • Katey Saga plays Vivian (older woman seducing Johnny)
    • Shane Harper plays Robbie (father of Penny’s baby)
    • At least other 10 characters / actors (some famous) but minor roles
  • Differences (don’t read if you don’t want spoilers)
    • Baby and Johnny don’t end up together — that’s just gonna piss off people
    • Vivian has a much larger role in trying to nail Johnny — love her, but why???
    • Marjorie wants to divorce Jake — eh, weak plot device
    • Lisa enters into an inter-racial romance, while her fling with Robbie is very short — kudos for the change
    • Baby wrote a book, and a Broadway play is made of her time doing “Dirty Dancing” — a bit odd


What did I think?

I would have given the original movie a 4+ out of 5 stars. I gave the re-make a 3- out of 5 stars. I wanted to give it a 2, but by my definition, that would have said it was pretty bad. If there weren’t ever an original Dirty Dancing, then I think I would have been fine with this new one, hence settling on a 3- for the re-made version.

A few things that irked me:

  • The things they chosen to do differently didn’t really add any value; they took away from the overall story. I’m sure they added some to give meatier roles to other actors and actress and hopefully bring in their fans to watch the re-make. And I love Katey Sagal, but we didn’t need the additional story points with Vivian. While I enjoyed the latter part of the romance between Jake and Marjorie, their relationship issues didn’t impact me in the first part.

  • I didn’t agree with most of the casting, which was my main problem. They went for the “ultra-hot guy” with 12 pack abs (Aside: I know that’s not possible, but coming from a 2-pack-maybe-4-pack-on-a-good-day-when-I-didn’t-eat-pizza-or-drink-the-night-before-guy… come on… not right… I mean who feels the need to focus on that when there’s so much more to discuss in this movie… oh wait, I just spoke about my own body, ugh… just like the movie – big mistake!… shut up now), but that wasn’t the normal body type in the 1960s/1970s (pointed out by my significant other)… So it did not feel authentic, especially when they did a lot to “cover up” Abigail Breslin who while quite beautiful, does not have your “typical” dancer-body as compared to every one else dancing in the movie. For many reasons, I thought she was a good “Baby,” but I couldn’t stop thinking about her from her role on Scream Queens to realistically look at her in a more serious and meaty role.
  • I’m off topic again… my point being… they went in opposite directions with casting the two leads, highlighting body shapes/types when that really has absolutely nothing to do with the romance, dancing or movie??? It shouldn’t have ever been something to pick up on, except for the fact that the camera folks seemed to purposely focus on it. Johnny should have been a more regular-looking guy in good shape [max 2-pack abs with just a few bulges in his arms — pick either triceps or biceps, right?] and not a focus on every single one of his muscles as the thing to admire. (As I did admire it… let’s be real!)

A few things I liked:

  • It felt like it was recorded in the proper time period, including the background setting, clothing and location shoots.
  • The new music, as I believe they couldn’t either get the rights to the original versions, or didn’t want to replicate those parts for fear of the ultimate in comparisons, worked well. I didn’t like them a much as the original, but they still had some light and fun moments, one or two sexy moments and they created a great compilation overall.

Why even do a re-make?

The ultimate question… when something is so good, why put effort into a re-make when you know it will never come close to the original. And even if they found the perfect actors and actresses, it will always be compared to something that some people feel is their favorite movie ever… If you’re going to re-make a movie like this one, the changes should be very clear and specific. This one felt like it had differences in all the wrong places… lost some of the original sultry aspects and awkward yet embracing charm… and the casting was too far off the original to bring about the right overall mood.

Should movies ever be re-made? What do you think?  What did you think of this one? Please share… would love to hear from those who loved the original and watched the re-make, as well as those who thought the re-make was a fantastic shout-out to the original!


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  1. There are certain movies that should NEVER have been remade including Dirty Dancing. I’m also adding Footloose and the upcoming The Mummy to my short list. In my experience remakes seldom live up to the original. The only one in my experience that did was Fox’s Grease: Live, which actually was more in keeping with the original Broadway play. As far as Dirty Dancing goes, I thought most of the cast was okay, except for Prattes who I thought was just awful. The movie itself lacked the magic and charm of the original and the ending left me wanting to bang my head against a wall.😡

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I have yet to watch the remake of it but I have seen previews and just from seeing the previews my opinion is they ruined it. I was/am a huge fan of the original. I would go as far as to say it is one of my all time favorite movies.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. No way in hell am I watching that disaster of a movie. Dirty Dancing and Grease were top two movis of my childhood (thankfully no one restricted my access to them). I had both movies on VHS and they both struggled to keep themselves whole until I upgraded to DVDs. And if Grease: Live was pretty good I admit, Dirty Dancing remake is a fail through and through.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. ….it’s just wrong lol! I wanted to like it because I love Abigail but the original was just perfect! I didn’t even finish it because I couldn’t handle it. The original felt sexy and beautiful and captivating and overall just flippin phenomenal. This was just…blah. Great points though!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I didn’t realize they were doing a re-make. Honestly, I don’t even know why movie producers (or whoever makes movie decisions) decide to create a re-make. The only re-makes I tend to like more are from animated to live action, but even then only some end up being good.

    You had some great points and I learned two important things:
    1) There is a Dirty Dancing movie re-make
    2) I don’t have any inclination to watch it, lol

    Thank you for the great film review!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Watched the remake yesterday/today…. worst couple of dollars I’ve ever spent!! For a couple of reasons… if your gonna name it “Dirty Dancing” I think it should be a remake of the ORGINAL so… go back to Mountain Lake Lodge and film it the same… the cabins are gone from Lake Lure so it would be a little different but I don’t think they should of changed the story line… if they wanted to change it why not change the name also…. “Dirty Dancing 2” or something else. Also, I know the orginal had dirty dancing but dang the remake was just trashy the way they was dancing… if you wanna grind or any of that other junk they were doing in the remake go to a bedroom… I’m sure they have a process of how they choose roles.. but they could of choose better people…. going from Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze to them was a big difference but it might of been the plot of the movie that just made them wrong. I know I’m criticizing but there’s no comparison in my book… the orginal is the only one for this southern girl!

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