Review: Measure for Measure

Measure for Measure Book Review
3 out of 5 stars to Measure for Measure, written in 1603 by William Shakespeare. When I think of reasons why people find Shakespeare difficult to read or understand, this is the play that most comes to mind. It’s a good play. But you won’t get much from it on a single read. And if you’re not a fan of classic literature, or easily able to understand language differences from 400 years ago, it will be even harder to digest this one. Part of me believes this isn’t all that different from some of the popular ones, but because it’s often less read, copied or produced on TV or Film, it’s much less understood. The plot is clever: a man gives up his position of power to the next in command and watches from afar to see what happens. He’s got personal reasons for abandoning his role, but he also doesn’t quite leave it. You’re left with a quandary both in plot and in persona, which makes it harder to easily grasp on the first round. I basically understood it but didn’t find it all that appealing. On a second read, it was better. I may go for a third this summer. Who’s in??? LOL

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  1. Sorry Jay, but you’ll have to count me out on this one. I could never “get” Shakespeare. Simply too much “forsooth” and “thou” and “thine” – type language for me. Trying to decipher what was being said was too distracting for me, thereby breaking any concentration I had attempting to follow the plot. I’m a fairly well-read person. I feasted on the classics when I was young. But Shakespeare . . . sorry. There MUST be wonderful stories buried somewhere in all that antiquated English, but it’s not for me. 🙂

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    • I can totally understand. I feel that way about genres I don’t usually read, as though I am missing something. Once I got the basics down, and used a few Cliff Notes (dating myself there!), I found some of its beauty. Plus… I took a class dedicated to Shakespeare, so I had to. Chaucer also… wait til that review comes up! Thanks for the share.


  2. Shakespeare is twenty men in one, he is so great. But as you said, Shakespeare’s plays are written in old language and it’s hard to read and to be understood easily, I studied some of his novel like Hamlet and other plays. But I found Little bit complicated for comprehending it. When I dig deeper to absorb what it was written, explored, that his novels are so amazing. However, one of my obstacle is the language. Anyway, great revision and thanks for making easy to be absorbed , genius!👍

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