Review: Twelve Sharp

Twelve SharpBook Review

4 out of 5 stars to Twelve Sharp, the 12th book in the “Stephanie Plum” cozy mystery series written in 2006 by Janet Evanovich. I really enjoyed this book, given its focus on the mysterious Ranger. Stephanie is being stalked. She’s not sure who it is, but the person is scary. She soon learns out this person has a connection to Ranger — it’s his ex-wife. At the same time, Ranger’s daughter has been kidnapped, and someone suspects he’s behind it all. But for what reason? As the book progresses, you learn how much Stephanie Plum is really torn up about Ranger, despite her feelings for Joe Morelli. While the back and forth is starting to bug me (which man will she choose!), given Ranger is my favorite character, it was a strong book full of information and subtle vibes. And sometimes not so subtle! Always a good book to curl up with on the couch, this won’t disappoint. And at least it’s a bit different from the normal shenanigans where Plum is trying to track down a kooky bail jumper. There’s plenty of things happening here tho… between underlying tensions, fear and confusion, she’s still her normal fun mess!

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  1. One of my favorite book series of all time! I looove Ranger 🔥And the stories are hysterical. I tend to get odd looks if I’m reading them in public since I randomly burst into laughter at Grandma and Lula’s antics. I’d be happy to help Stephanie make up her mind; she can pick Joe and send Ranger to me 😂

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      • Yeah, my family knows when I’m reading a Stephanie Plum book…I tend to burst into hysterics. I’m not sure what that says except maybe we have impeccable taste 😉 I do have a friend, she’s the one who actually introduced me to the books, who adores Joe. I think she has a thing for cops. I like Joe, think he’s sexy, but he’s just wrong for Stephanie.

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  2. They’re a fun read, and I used to reread them back to back when I needed a laugh but they’re too many now to do that! I’m caught up, so I’m impatiently waiting for the next one! At least with Ranger, he will and can keep her safe as she goes hunting for danger. That’s one thing that drives me nuts about Morelli..his tendency to be controlling and his expectation for her to be a “typical” Burg” woman. Too old-fashioned for me.

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