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Essays and Poems
Essays and Poems by Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Book Review

I had read Emerson’s works once before and I hated it at first reaction always. Well, I decided to read it thoroughly and try to understand it. I was utterly amazed. He had such profound and wonderful things to say. I honestly was deeply touched. I decided to write down everything I got from his piece. It is in very fragmented thoughts, so it may not be in grammatically correct sentences. Well, here goes…
Look through our eyes today and not through someone’s from the past. All questions have answers. It is true in nature also. Nature just exists. It is abstract truth. Look at nature as a collective thing – not individual things. Going into nature you become one with it and with yourself. Removed from civilization, you can truly absorb all nature has to offer. Not as a man with biased opinion and view, but like a child free from corrupting suggestions. Free-ness from others opinions – on your own.
We are changing, but not by choice. Go with flow and claim independence (from England). We have grown too far apart from one another. Unity has slowly begun to disappear and therefore, men, too individualistic, are no longer complete. We are so defined by what we do – our occupations. This is bad. Scholar means intellect. Be a student and learn. He is too far separated from the other “men.” Life, in nature, as a scholar, is like a circle. No beginning. No end. Order is so complete. Learning is the main focus of scholars and do it through organization and order. We all take things to mean “know thyself, study nature.” Influences on scholar are (1) nature, (2) past – through books, etc., (3) self-action. What you know and take in may not be what you get out of the book. Changes will always occur. Adapt to them. Don’t just accept what you read. Decipher a meaning out of it for yourself. Souls see the truth. You must reach down deep and touch your soul. It won’t and can’t always be easy. Working hard helps you discover your answers. The past literature can always hit your soul and explain your life today to you. The general knowledge we learn and dislike to learn helps us to create ideas and such for us. When you let something pass you by without learning it or catching it, you lose some power.
Everything will take off at one time or another. Don’t stop things from growing. Learn from your life experience. Live a little. Become the thinker. Sometimes you can’t change things, you must accept them the way that they are. We will never learn absolutely everything, for there are barriers. Let yourself go and be open. Tell people who you truly are and be open to accept them. As a boy we have the old world classical thoughts. As a youth, romantic ones, and as an adult, we are reflective. Explore the “common.” Today explains the past and the future. The individual is important. World is nothing. Man is all. Get away from Europe. This is what Emerson has to say in a nutshell.
I was amazed and inspired by his words. I am looking forward to Thoreau, another man I thought to be not very interesting. Maybe, I will have to start really reading things quickly.

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