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TartuffeBook Review
4 out of 5 stars to Tartuffe a play written in 1664 by Molière. I read this play as part of a course on Theatre and Drama several years ago. I also acted in a staged version of this story. I really enjoyed it, especially learning more about the characters and story through the director’s eyes and opinions. The story is about a con artist who worms his way into a family’s affections by claiming to be a religious man. The father essentially offers his daughters hand in marriage to the main character, but over time, realizes something is not right. It was a commentary on how Moliere felt about religion in the 17th century, especially how some people were using it as a way to look pious on the outside, but do whatever they wanted behind closed doors. There’s great sarcasm, wit and humor in the play, especially if you let yourself approach it in a comedic way, rather than get caught up on understanding all the background and setting. Read it as though it weren’t necessary about religion, focusing on the way a person can disguise their true intentions to achieving their goals. A definite good one for people who want to sample some plays from over 300 years that are quite different in style from Chaucer, Shakespeare or Milton’s ways…

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