Review: Three Tall Women

Three Tall Women
Three Tall Women by Edward Albee

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Book Review

I enjoyed this play, but it was not my favorite in Albee’s collections. This one show conflicts that people face on a daily basis in today’s society. It crosses reality and slices of life with a bitter or biting sense of accuracy. Are the 3 women truly the same person or do they just show characteristics of a woman at different stages in her life? The play deals with a multitude of situations people face as they age. It’s meant to push readers or viewers into thinking beyond their immediate reactions, questioning an entire atmosphere of impact on human life. Albee was a treasure in that he was able to accomplish so much in so little, meaning with just a single play or book, he can leave your mind thinking for months about what it all means. One of the biggest contributions of Edward Albee would be the theatre that he formed in New York for new playwrights. Each playwright would put on his/her play for a few productions throughout one weekend. They would gain some experience, an audience, and recognition. Almost all of today’s famous and popular playwrights crossed Albee’s stage at some point. Another important contribution that Albee made to modern drama was his idea that each play needed to stand on its own. They should remain entirely separated from the author’s own life or problems. He also wanted to change the way that people looked at themselves. These two contributions combined are very important to modern drama. There needs to be a separation between playwright and play in order for both to be objective. Albee may have had some trouble following his own contributions a few times though. He tried to forget about his adoption and the effect it had on him, but somehow it seeps through to some of his plays. Albee is a very modern man himself. The focus of most of his plays was rarely stuck in the 1940s or 1950s, when he was initially writing. He writes stories that deal with problems evolving during the 1960s, and 1970s. Today, there is a focus on existentialist ideas and introspective thoughts.

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