Review: Master Harold…and the boys

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Master Harold...and the boysBook Review
2+ out of 5 stars to Master Harold…and the boys, a play written in 1982 by Athol Fugard. It pains me to give this work only 2 stars as I know the value it truly brings to highlighting apartheid in South Africa when it needed more attention. Perhaps because I read this when I was still fairly young, I couldn’t connect with it. As a younger reader, I often struggled with themes around depression, war, slavery and human rights. I couldn’t fathom not treating people equally and fairly, and struggled to read the stories. Might be that I didn’t want to feel those emotions or I didn’t know how to at the time. With this work, the language, the theme and the overall setting was so unfamiliar to me, I thought it wasn’t doing justice to the story and the cause. It was meant for an older audience, and probably if I went back to read it now, I’d like it more. It’s interesting to think about how you’d change ratings for books and plays as you age, hence why on my blog, I’ve created the “what age to read which book by genre” series… to help ensure books receive the best possible attention when being read. That said, I wouldn’t discourage anyone from reading this as it wasn’t bad; it just fell too flat for me. I suppose the characters were meant to feel like templates… archetypes as opposed to real people suffering… in order to show how this was happening all over in many respects, shapes and forms. In the end, it was work to read it, and when that happens, which is rare, I have to give a lower rating. Anyone read this who felt differently? What did I miss?

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