Review: Jane Eyre

Jane EyreBook Review
3+ out of 5 stars to Jane Eyre, a wonderful novel written in 1847 by Charlotte Brontë. I read this book on Spring break just prior to my 21st birthday, perhaps not the best time to take this beauty on. At 21, being a guy, and English major and forced to read a few books I didn’t think I’d like, this came at a time where although I liked it, I wasn’t as in love with as most others are… hence the 3+ rating. I believe if I read it today, it’d be a 4+. But I have 1200 books on my TBR and simply can’t afford to take on any re-reads without losing my mind. Perhaps I should watch a TV or Film version to renew my interest? It has all the right parts… young woman suffering at the hands of the conventions of time and family (two things I enjoy in books)… the love of a ‘good’ man (meaning you see a relationship grow high and low)… and drama (will she escape it all?). Society was harsh nearly 200 years ago. I would not have survived. I am not vocal about my opinions of people’s behavior or societal limitations, but I believe anyone should be able to do anything they want without hurting someone else or the world we live in. If you want to marry your cousin, go ahead… not my business. If you want to sleep with a new man or woman every night, more power to you. Doesn’t affect me. If you want to wear revealing clothing… go look your best — just don’t do it where someone may cause an accident as a result! 🙂 Point being…. I struggle sometimes with books that cover these conventions because I want everything to be free and open. And when it isn’t, I can enjoy the battle to get there, but it’s a bit difficult when I combine it with 200 year old setting and guides. That said… I adore Jane. I empathize with her. I could be her on some levels. The words and language are great. It should be read. But know what you’re getting into!

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  1. This is one of my favorite novels of all time. It was very advanced for the time it was written.

    I have part of a quote from this book tattooed on my arm.
    People always look at me like I’m nuts when I explain that. 😂

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  2. I have just finished this novel. It is worth reading, I agree with 3* out of 5, though. Sometimes I am so disappointed that female minds seem to be interested only in marriage, love and jealousy based on classic novels. Although these books make a few notes that women were frustrated by their limited possibilities, I have not read other types of reflections of a female character. Maybe male writers did not attribute philosophical or political thoughts to women but what about female writers? 🙂

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    • I hear you. I think there are a few who did, but little if any people read or would read those books, so they never grew popular. I took a course in American Literature with a focus on female writers. There were some who had a bit of success, so it’s definitely possible. I think Elizabeth Cady Stanton was one, though she was less fictional than most others… more of an essayist.

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