My Very Own “Book Bucket List” – June 2017

It’s been 1 month since I started my Book Bucket List and I’ve knocked the first one off the list: Jenn McKinlay’s A Likely Story. You can see the review here.



In its place, I’ve added Envy by Sandra Brown, as a recommendation from my blogger friend Nel @ Reactionary Tales. Go check our her site!

Below is the link to the on-going Book Bucket List and a background on what it’s all about. Please take a look and help me decide which book I should read in July to satisfy this mini-challenge. You can vote in the poll below until June 30th, 2017.

Source: My Very Own “Book Bucket List”  —  Click here for the on-going detailed Book Bucket List



  1. Good luck with Dragonfly in Amber. I finished it but it was a struggle. Look forward to quite a few of your reviews. Six of Crows being one of them. That’s on my TBR list as well.

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  2. I have ‘I Let You Go’ in my TBR, too and Ken Follet’s ‘The Pillar of the Earth’ would be my book bucket list, I’ve been meaning to read it but haven’t bought it yet…

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  3. The book topping my TBR is Sarah J Maas. I have the books it’s my rainy day read yet I am scared they will disappoint me. I don’t want that. I like books which make me a fangirl in the fantasy genre

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