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My Novel: Watching a Glass Shatter – Quotes

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Although my attention has turned to writing my second novel, Father Figure, I thought it was time to share a few of my favorite quotes from my first novel, “Watching A Glass Shatter.” For more on this book, and to read 3 sample chapters, please go to Watching a Glass Shatter. For now, you’ll find some of my favorite quotes below…

Please feel free to share (as always) your thoughts on the quotes… bad, good or indifferent. I’d love to hear it all!


“And in Ben’s case, although they only lasted ten explosive seconds, those moments managed to include all sixty-nine years of his life, each image punctuated by a blinding flash of pure white light and deafened by the harsh snapping sound of an old-time camera shutter.”

“The slow, melodic sound sliced away at the newly loosened threads that had once kept her heart intact and sheltered from truly acknowledging a widow’s pain. Her battered eyes betrayed any remaining fortitude she’d stored deep within her body and as the chords of “Amazing Grace” resounded from the chanter pipe, the cords of her soul once intricately woven into Ben ripped from Olivia’s chest.”

“None of those ugly cows would even fit in this couture. It would be as if we asked Miss Piggy to model a new petite line of muumuus.”

“Despite summer’s early attempt to burst on the scene, the weekend ushered in dark clouds and a cool, heavy rain. For Olivia, the tattered noise of the drops hitting the window were simply another item she added to the growing list of reasons why she couldn’t sleep.”

“It was a comfort for him to see their confused faces, knowing he was already ahead of his peers. But he never acknowledged them as his peers; even his classmates were inferiors.”

“Too many people relied on cell phones to track time and felt little need to wear a watch these days. For Olivia, the watch you wore made a statement. If you chose something large and showy, you were an attention-seeker. If you chose a digital timepiece, you had no respect for history. If you didn’t wear a watch, you weren’t detail-oriented. She wore her 1940’s Waltham silver and diamond antique watch around her wrist as a badge of courage to give her the confidence she needed to confront her son.”

“…stepped forward to reach for the towel, suddenly losing his grip on the handrail, his feet reaching the drops of water that fell from his skin. Within seconds, his legs gave way and his body slipped on the final step sending him a few feet forward, landing right on the “Welcome” rug where Olivia firmly stood. When he came to a full stop, with his naked body sprawled across the foyer and his legs spread wide apart, he closed his eyes and tried to hide the faint glimmer of a smile.”

“I’ll never be that little girl who imagines falling in love, stripping petals off a forget-me-not until the last one says ‘he loves me so.’ I won’t ever get to see a magic that can heal the world. And my heart knows what darkness lies in wait each night, stealing a piece with every sun that sets and moon that rises.”

“A day to come seems longer than a year that’s gone. It’s an old Scottish proverb. Years may pass, but when ye have somethin’ difficult to do, a decision that is just around th’ corner, a minute, an hour, a day can feel like an eternity. Ye can choose to think that we ne’er have enough time. Or ye can choose to believe we are given just the amount we need.”

“The gift of life is unlike any other gift one can receive. To imagine that two people come together, each bringing a requisite piece of the puzzle, feels like magic to someone like me. When this happens, destinies and paths are set, hopes and dreams begin to grow and love takes course.”

“She stood in silence, feeling the wind gently blow across her face, watching drops of pure white snow cascade across her husband’s grave and smelling the cold of winter begin to settle in.”



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365 Challenge: Day 118 – Perceptive

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Perceptive: having or showing keenness of insight, understanding, or intuition


We often claim to be perceptive, to read beneath the surface of someone’s actions and expressions, so that we can determine the true underlying emotions in others. I have found myself feeling perceptive in many situations, focusing on the tone of the person’s voice, the location of their eyes, or the amount of details they choose to reveal or hide. I take in the full picture of everything I can in the hopes it will help me understand the best way to respond to the conversation or situation. This is a good thing, as it makes you more intuitive and capable of developing a stronger relationship with that person or eliciting a better outcome. But that’s not the only way to be perceptive. There’s at least one other tool at our disposal, and this one is something I find myself often getting caught up in:

Are you perceptive when looking at yourself — able to understand how others see you?

Now that can be tough. Sometimes our emotions block the truth. Often our sentiments escape with an unexpected volatility. Usually we’re not focused on what others think, but on how we’re feeling about the situation. Many times we ponder our actions rather than our lack of actions. And that’s the part I often find myself forgetting to consider. I focus on listening or talking, but not understanding and interacting. And there’s a difference in those behaviors.

  • When you listen, you take in the information. You can nod, reach your hand out to comfort someone or give them a hug. But when you understand, you put yourself in that person’s shoes and question how it would make you feel, think or act. Then you determine why the person behaved the way (s)he did. And you choose how you want to respond, often leading to a more connected and powerful outcome.
  • Talking with/to someone is conversational and helpful when you are in an initial get-to-know-you phase. You can bounce ideas back and forth, explain what happened in the past or suggest something new. But when you interact, you immerse yourself in the conversation, showing the other person how and why you care, the level you’ve committed yourself to in the conversation and provide insight into where it may go next.

So why am I saying this? What does it have to do with being perceptive? For me, it’s one and the same. When I am involved in a conversation, be it electronic, video, on the phone or in person, I always try to think about how I am being perceived. I try not to be casual. Casual to me, while having its place at appropriate times, is not a comfortable feeling. I would rather have a strong connection with only a few people than a weak one with a lot of people. And building those connections requires effort, which almost always includes being perceptive about the other person. It applies to so many things in our lives:

  • Dating
  • Interviews
  • Social Media
  • Conflict
  • Debates

And it makes me wonder how I am perceived to others. Have you ever taken 30 minutes to reflect on your behavior, tone, body language, word choice, volume of voice or the time you give someone in a conversation? To understand what someone else might think about you? I do a lot. I do this when I meet new people. I do this when I chat online with people I’ve never met. I do this when I am trying to help someone through a difficult situation. I think it’s important to let others know, through each of these aspects of your interpersonal skills and relationship, where you stand in the greater scheme of things.

When I step back and think about how I am perceived, and how I want to be perceived, there are a few areas I need to work on. A few examples:

  • I feel repetitive when I reply to people on social media because I often might be in a rush to respond and choose the quickest words that come to mind. Maybe I should step back and wait to comment until I have some free moments without interruption to put proper effort into building new relationships.
  • I am a multi-tasker by nature. When on the phone, I often am doing two or three other things. I’m sure I’ve been slow to respond or didn’t pick up on the other person’s hidden messages. I might need to step back in what could be a sensitive or important conversation and give my full attention.
  • I tend to be the one to let others do the talking. Perhaps that’s letting other people think I am not interested by failing to ask questions. I should push myself to re-balance that scale with other people.

Why did this come up today? Two reasons: (1) I’ve been talking a lot lately about “me” or “I,” and realized it in a recent conversation with someone else, and (2) I’m starting to put more of myself out there with the 2nd book I’m writing, the increase in social media and the number of people I’m becoming friendly with from my blog. I will need to find the right balance between quality and quantity, as well as ensure I’m being perceived in the way I want to be perceived. I want to be seen as a genuine and open-minded individual who is unafraid to share myself and learn about others. I want depth in my relationships. I want people to turn to me when they need a respected sounding board. I hope people find intense creativity and honest thoughts in my writing. I don’t want to be thought of as boring or ineffective. I choose to be someone others look to as a role model across so many aspects of life.

How about you? How do you think you are being perceived today? Would you change anything? Or do you not feel this is something to focus on in your world? …which is totally fine… not everyone is so caught up in what others think of them as I am… sometimes it’s good to just do what you think is right and let others react as they choose!



  • Today’s 365 Daily Challenge recommended blogger to know is Claire @ BrizzleLass Books. And the topic at hand in the challenge is completely disconnected from Claire, but I wanted to tell everyone about her today as she’s a phenomenal person to know. Claire and I met through WordPress about 3 months ago and soon after followed one another on Twitter, Goodreads and probably a few other sites. She’s a very strong blogger and has a great social media presence. I’m constantly finding new things to look into via her Twitter feed, as she is very friendly and helpful to all her followers and those people she’s gotten to know. It’s a bit funny as her two primary genres are fantasy and romance, which are the two I know the least about; yet, we’ve found a bunch of books in common and have built a great online friendship. She lives in my favorite country (can you guess which one?) and has a really witty tone in all her posts and conversations. I enjoy chatting with her each day, even if it’s just a quick hello or a lengthier discussion about mental health, inspiration and life choices. Plus, you have to love the colorful posts and pictures she releases. Go check out her site and meet a new friend who will be a good person to know in this blogging world.


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