Day: July 10, 2017

365 Challenge: Day 120 – Rushed

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Rushed: done or completed too hurriedly; hasty



During various parts of the last 24 hours, I found myself feeling rushed. A bit of anxiety creeping up beneath the surface. A fear of missing out on something shadowing my actions. A niggling at the back of my head reminding me of all the things patiently waiting for my attention. It seems my attention has too many seekers and not enough moments.

{Aside: Where’s Harry Potter when you need him? Someone’s gotta deal with this — not me!}

That certainly doesn’t seem fair, now does it? Oh, wait… nevermind… that’s just me being selfish and ignorant. I am looking at this all the wrong way. It means I must be doing something right if so many things, people or situations need or want my focus for a brief period of time. So I must be worth it, correct? Now that’s a better way of looking at it. Perhaps being rushed isn’t the right approach; it could be the exact opposite.

I think I need to share a little background…. I wrote my Sunday 365 Daily Challenge post on Saturday evening, as I knew I’d have a short amount of time available to me on Sunday morning to get it done. I was spending the day with my other half and some friends in Tarrytown, New York, where another friend was performing in the show Annie. For those that aren’t familiar with the area, Tarrytown in Westchester County is about 30 miles north of Midtown NYC — a 1 hour drive in normal traffic. We rented a car for the day, drove into the heart of the little township, had a fantastic brunch, took a tour of Kykuit, a Rockefeller estate with several mansions and gardens along the Hudson River. We then strolled through the town’s main streets, shopped a little, took a walk around a small area of the river and then had an early dinner before taking in the theatre performance. Met at 11am at the car and walked back in the apartment at 11pm. Twelve hours of absolute fun… check out my Instagram feed to see a few pictures from throughout the day’s adventures. And go see the show, it was adorable. Westchester Broadway Theatre.

The end result was about 24 hours where I wasn’t focusing on my phone nor all the notifications and posts from WordPress, Goodreads, etc. While all of these adventures were fantastic, there was this small sense of feeling rushed that lingered in the background whenever I had a moment to myself. While I rode in the car back to the city, I found myself a tad agitated flushed with that rushed feeling one has when trying to catch up on what had been missed in the last 24 hours. I went right to sleep last night and then had more events to attend today. Earlier this morning, I met a new friend for coffee for a few hours where we talked about life, blogging, writing, reading, family and NYC. I’m not going to say a whole lot more about who it was, but you know who you are! It felt great to talk with someone else in person, live, about all the things showing up on the blogs we share. There are more people like me! Or other people I’m like!

On the 30-minute walk home, which was my first moment in 24 hours where I could focus on what I needed to accomplish, I let the little anxiety monster do it’s linger-dance-poke-harass thing and then realized… don’t be stupid, Jay! How lucky are you to have all these things that want your attention? And how amazing is it that those notifications and comments will be there forever… so if you don’t actually get to them until tonight, that’s OK. During my coffee meeting today, our conversation revolved around priorities and figuring out how to put the right focus where it belongs. It helped start my mind and energy in the right place. So I let go of the anxiety about mid-walk home… worried less about what I might have missed and thought more about what I wanted to accomplish this afternoon. And within 2 hours after arriving home, I’d completed a short workout, returned a phone call, picked the location to meet a friend for dinner, worked out the landscaping plan for the weekend with the building’s rep so I could bring the materials into the apartment, paid some bills, read all the comments from the last 24 hours, replied to a few outstanding emails and text messages, had some lunch and was able to start my 365 Daily Challenge post.

What did I learn? Anxiety for the sake of anxiety is just plain ridiculous. You probably waste half the available time you had by worrying about what you’re missing. Put it to good use, forget feeling rushed, channel that energy into focusing on the best order to get things accomplished in the available time you have and just do it! So that’s what I’ve done. And now the post is nearly complete, leaving me a few hours before dinner to focus on fine-tuning that project plan I’ve talked about lately… putting me back on schedule tomorrow to start writing character bios for “Father Figure” again.

Doesn’t it seem fairly silly to have lost a few hours over the last day to this rushed anxiety? How about you? Do you catch yourself feeling rushed and not recognizing when you’re missing out on properly using that small amount of time you had available? Any tips or tricks to share? I’m usually pretty good at managing it, but when my time is re-purposed towards healthier things (actually seeing and talking to people instead of hiding behind an Internet wall), it was like I’d forgotten how to handle it all. Momentary. Just like the only bit of energy you should ever give away to that feeling of being rushed. Once it happens, kick its ass out the door and continue on your path. Don’t ever let it hold you back from true potential. {Aside: Is this an appropriate place for a mic drop?}



  • Today’s 365 Daily Challenge recommended blogger to know is Shalini @ BookReviewsByShalini. Ah, what can I say about this very genuine, caring and honest friend I’ve met online, who lives halfway across the world from me… Though her site is primarily for book reviews, she has many other posts which are always a delight and full of great wisdom and generosity. We met about 5 to 6 weeks ago and share a fond love of thrillers and suspense novels, but we are introducing one another to different types of literature. And she’s a doctor… I was honored to have a doctor choose to follow me and engage with fun wit, banter and depth. We enjoy chatting about so many life topics, and sometimes it’s a good 10 hours apart between replies given the time difference, but there’s always consistent strength and a wonderful connection in our dialogue. If we lived closer, I’m sure we’d be friends and hang out. For now, unless you happen to live near her, you’ll have to be content reading her blog as I do. Please take a look at some of her insightful commentary and brilliant book observations.


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