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365 Challenge: Day 122 – Weirdo

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Weirdo: a person whose dress or behavior seems strange or eccentric


It’s important as part of a discovery process to allow a little time for fun. Occasionally, you’ll learn something quite unexpected. And so today, rather than dissect a serious topic, I’ve chosen a word that immediately makes you smile, giggle or laugh; undoubtedly a different than normal expression appears on your face when you say the word ‘weirdo,’ whether it’s in your eyes, lips or entire facial structure. Do it. Look in the mirror when you say it. It’s gonna happen. I’m telling you. Believe me. And if it doesn’t, well then… you’re just weird, my friend.

A fairly significant percentage of the population strives not to be weird. They always want to fit in and keep any attention focused elsewhere, that is, excluding people’s whose jobs or professions include behaving in a weird manner in order to earn a living or fans. As a child, we often keep our weird behaviors to ourselves, as we don’t want to be judged or humiliated. When we grow older, we try to hide the things that make us look different than others in a way we perceive as potentially hurtful or negative. But as I grow older, I am celebrating those things that perhaps set me apart from others. I’m still shy and quiet, consider myself average, and don’t like to have attention on me; however, rather than run the opposite direction from the things that make me a weirdo, I am embracing them.

Sometimes these things are simple and meaningless, but we make more out of them. Sometimes they are truly ‘out there,’ waiting for someone to recognize them as not the norm. No matter what they are, let’s make today (and as much of your future as you can convince yourself is possible) about celebrating those things that have always made us look weird. In honor of the word ‘weirdo,’ I’ve selected five (5) things about myself that either I’ve always thought were considered peculiar, unusual, strange, odd, freaky, loony, eccentric, crazy, nuts, unusual, different, or weird. And I’m not afraid to share them today. Some are rather harmless… some are just funny… some aren’t so weird any more… but at one point or another in the past, I kept them hidden from others. But now I accept it as the details of who I really am!

  • #1 – Weird noises

As a child, I kept to myself a lot. I didn’t have an imaginary friend, but I would talk to myself. Full out conversations. And often, it would devolve into elaborate conversations with alternative noises and sounds to mean different things. There is one noise in particular that has carried through my entire lifetime, and I often find myself sharing it with new people in a very unusual way. It’s always a different method, too. If I think the person is scared by peculiar noises, I’ll do it in such a way that it sounds like it’s coming from a different part of the room. If they will know it’s me, I won’t hide it but I’ll just keep doing it for a few minutes until they are just totally puzzled. I must seem like the most immature nonsensical person when it happens, but it brings me such joy. I basically puff my cheeks out while pushing the air towards the top portion of my mouth. Using those muscles, I hold the air up and to the back and let it seep out almost like you would with air coming out of a balloon. Then I part my lips either a tiny bit or a significant amount, depending on the volume I’m selecting, and push the air out at different speeds. It’s a cross between a baby crying, a duck quacking, helium-voice from a balloon and some sort of ancient clicking language. I’ve been in tears when people freaked out not realizing it was me. And that is why I love being a weirdo. (No, that’s not me below)

  • #2 – Twisting my wrist and hands

While I’m not quite double-jointed, I have extreme flexibility in my wrists, although I’m noticing it’s getting less and less as I grow older each year. I can bring my entire thumb a full 180 degrees backwards to land on my wrist, as well as a few other fingers. I previously could place all five there, but that went away during a growth spurt in my teenage years. Nonetheless, it almost looks like a bit of lobster claws. And when I do it, my knuckles and other joints crack. It freaks some people out. Others try to do it, then I laugh hysterically when they cannot even come close. All in all, nothing huge, but it always draws a bit of attention to me, and it kind of tickles me something fierce to know I’ve either amused or completely unnerved someone else. I should twist my wrist and the noise I mentioned above. Why have I never thought about this before? Oh! I think I know what I’m gonna wander around Manhattan and do this afternoon. I’d be locked up for it, tho, I’m sure. And now I’m laughing hysterically at myself as I type this. The pics I wanted to post might caught some people to vomit, so I’ll go mechanical instead.

  • #3 – Vegetables

I have never liked vegetables. There are a few normal ones that I’ll eat if I have to, generally raw and with some sort of a dipping sauce. But I claim to be a healthy guy who balances all his food groups. Yet vegetables just freak me out. I like growing them. I enjoy how some look, smell or feel. But I just can’t deal with the taste. It’s like eating dry dirt, even when they are prepared with other sauces and in different methods. But there is one vegetable that I absolutely love… though some don’t really consider it a vegetable. LIMA BEANS! Most people find them disgusting. I adore them. Plain. Simple. Butter, Salt and Pepper. The flavor is fantastic. The texture is amazing. I love them so. And people look at me like a freak because of it. But I accept it. I love lima beans and I cannot lie.

  • #4 – Food can’t touch on a plate

As a child, my mom’s rule was always “You don’t have to eat what’s on the table for dinner. But if you put it on your plate, you will finish it. If you don’t like what’s on the table, you don’t get anything else. You can choose to go to your room for the rest of the evening.” It was a good rule. It taught me to not take things for granted and that food is precious. But it also taught me that I had a choice. And I often chose to go to my room and not eat dinner. She was a good cook, too. But there were always vegetables. And often the foods touched each other. Once foods touched each other on my plate, I couldn’t eat them. If the juice from the creamed corn bled onto the meat, I was done for. I had to try not to gag. If the rice or potatoes were left on the fork after a bite, I had to clean it off before I took a bite of something else. For school lunches, I took a sandwich as I refused to eat anything from a cafeteria. I would bring a piece of bread, a piece of turkey and a piece of cheese. I ate them separately. Not as a sandwich. Unfortunately, this has carried through my whole life… and people often can’t eat their own meal because they are stuck watching me move things around on my plate so they are at least 1 inch away from each other. I will eat a sandwich on occasion now, tho. But no condiments. That’s disgusting!

  • #5 – Varied styles

Most people have a style or a somewhat consistent way of doing things. I am very consistent in most things in my life; however, I am a bit eclectic across the board when you add everything up. I enjoy music people would never expect me to enjoy. I watch TV shows that only teenage girls watch followed by something that you generally need to be older than 80 to enjoy. I’ll read books back-to-back that are so different, no one can guess what my real style is. I will love the way a shirt looks on me one day and the next day (nothing that much could have changed) and I think it’s been sent my the devil to torture me. I want to go out clubbing for 3 hours and then I need to be alone and away from people as it was all just too much for me. I could go from being utterly bored to having too much to do in a matter of minutes. I’m just a few hundred people trapped in one body. And while this can be a fun thing… and happens to lots of people from time to time… this is my daily life. My friends and family always say “we never know which Jay we’re going to get.” They don’t mean it in a bad way, as all my personalities are generally likable. But they can be very different. {Aside: I don’t have multiple personality disorder. I just embrace everything in life and try to find something good about everything and try new things… except vegetables, but that’s been covered before.}

As always, I turn this 365 Daily Challenge post back to you… with two key questions today: (1) What other words do you use in replace of ‘weirdo’  and (2) What are a few ‘weirdo’ things about you that you are comfortable sharing? Let’s have some fun today…


  • Today’s 365 Daily Challenge recommended blogger to know is the wonderful lady who calls herself the ‘Aspiring Curmudgeon‘ in her About Me section on WakingUpOnTheWrongSideOf50. I just happen to know her real name, but since I’m afraid she might put a curse on me if I say too much, I’m gonna behave myself and stay on her ‘right’ side of 50! On a more serious note, while we’ve only probably been chatting about 6 weeks via our blogs, she is one of my favorite people to talk with throughout the day. She reminded me to celebrate who I am and not worry about others… and since I am weird, and she reminded me of it, that’s why today she’s the recommended blogger. In many ways, we are very similar in our approach to organization and communicating with other people. We’ve had some similar life experiences. We both live in NYC and understand all that comes with it. But the best thing about her and her blog are the voice, point of view and perspective that come along for the ride… well actually, it’s all those things that do the driving… as she is one very funny woman in clear control of the vehicle she’s driving AKA her blog. If you’ve not read some of her posts, there are 3 or 4 you must check out, including “Change: A Fairy Tale,” “I’m Too Old For That,” and “DBQ – Emoji.” These aren’t even my top favorites, but I think they give a really complete picture of the beauty in her writing style and the natural humor surrounding her presence. So… please go find your way to check out her site… and maybe you too one day will know her real name!!!


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