Day: August 12, 2017

365 Challenge: Day 153 – Routine

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Routine: a sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program


A conversation recently held by someone I know:

  • Setting:
    • New York City, East Side, 12th Floor of Apartment Building, 8:30 AM
    • Living Room Couch
  • Characters:
    • Jay #1: Type A Personality, People-Pleaser
    • Jay #2: Old, Sleepy & In Need of a Vacation
    • W: Significant Other (either J1 or J2, still undetermined)
    • Ryder: almost 10-year old shiba, AKA the food whore


J1: OK, what’s on tap for this morning? Daily post. Check messages. Breakfast. Finish edits to Glass novel.

J2: Sleep. And shut up, I’m not ready to deal with you.

W: Did you want yogurt for breakfast?

J1: Yes, please.

J2: Grumble. Don’t speak to me. Not conscious yet.

Ryder: I’ll have some. <He jumps off the couch on W’s side, stretches on the carpet, jumps up the couch on J2’s side. J1 is in the middle trying to come up with a topic for the 365 Daily Post. >

J1: There is no yogurt for Ryder today. He needs to have a non-human food day.

J2: Shut up.

Ryder: I don’t speak with J1 anymore. Only J2.

<Yogurt arrives hand-delivered with more coffee, too.>

J1: Thank you!

J2: I need my bed.

W: Did I snore again?

Ryder: I’m waiting. <A paw reaches out and scratches J2’s leg.>

J1: I can’t decide what to write for today’s 365 Daily Challenge.

J2: Put a picture of me sleeping with a sign that says “out to bed.”

J1: I don’t need this from you.

J2: So write your post and leave me alone with my yogurt and my Ryder.

J1: What about W?

J2: He’s already done and getting ready for the gym.

J1: Don’t we have to go to the gym?

J2: Yes, you do. I don’t.

J1: How is that possible? We’re the same person.

J2: Nap time.

W: I’m going to the gym.

J1: Go for me, too?

Ryder: Um, you gonna eat that? <Paw pushes empty container across the end table to the floor.>

J1: Did you just take my yogurt?

J2: Zzzzzzzz.

Ryder: Lick, Lick, Lick. I prefer the honey flavor, not this strawberry one. Aftertaste.

W: Get your own next time. Wait, why does he have your yogurt cup?

J1: Zzzzzzzz.

J2: Zzzzzzzz.

Ryder: Zzzzzzz.



Yes, this is an example of a normal Saturday morning routine in my apartment. I like routines. They are comforting. They help me keep everything moving along in the right direction. Some routines are good. Like working out. Eating yogurt. Sleeping. Some routines are bad. Like letting Ryder eat dairy.

Another thing that’s become a routine is me talking to myself as if I really am two people. It used to be a silly joke or expression I’d say every so often. Now I’m beginning to believe it’s actually true. And so while I thought the word of today might have been “prolific,” or “congratulations,” or “sleepy,” I decided to type out this morning’s conversation as best I could remember it.

Hence why today’s post is a non-routine one… instead of something witty and informative about me, you’re getting a glimpse into a guy who’s written so much fiction this week, he had little energy to dream up a routine post. Don’t yell at him too much. J1 can only handle so much stress. And J2 (that’s me, closing this one up) is not in the routine habit of cleaning up his mess.



  • Today’s 365 Daily Challenge recommended blogger to know is Mama Cass @ Aspen Trees Book Review. We met online a few months ago over a few different book reviews but it quickly turned into frequent discussions on each other’s posts. For some reason, she calls me Superman and throws quiz questions at me about things I probably should know but do not. In turn, I do my best to confuse her on tricks in the WordPress world of blogging. But the honesty and depth of thought in her reviews is quite good, which is reason enough to check out her book reviews. And then peruse the entire site. Between our shared love of 80s music, the Stephanie Plum series and several TV shows, we always have fun chatting. If you have any of those in common with us, you’ll love her, too. If you’d like to learn more about her but not from me, check out what is on the site’s About Me section:
    • “I have been reading since the time I could walk.  50 years later and I read approximately 150 books a year.  I want each author to take me to a land, a time, a place of their choosing.  I am merely along for the ride.I read many different genres of books, because I love diversity, sociology and culture. So, that being said, you might find books about African American literature, books about Buddhism or Muslim, or a gay or lesbian love story.  I don’t believe in just reading what is familiar, that’s a good way to miss out. I recently started reviewing books and am happy to start blogging them. I live with my family in Colorado and we all enjoy the beautiful outdoors.  I love nature and all animals.  I believe in spirituality and diversity in all things. Enjoy cooking, hiking, bicycling and healthy living.  Learning Tajifit.  Thank you for being here.”


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