365 Challenge: Day 163 – Inventory

Inventory: a complete list of items such as property, goods in stock, or the contents of a building or container




People who own or run a business often take an inventory to understand how much product they have available at any given moment. Sometimes it’s weekly or monthly, others at a random interval or annually for determining a true financial picture of the business. As I lay in bed this morning, I wondered why people don’t more frequently think about doing an inventory of their life. We have many ‘products’ around us that are essential to our survival and happiness. Sure, we take inventory of toiletries or groceries, so that we can purchase whatever supplies we need on a fairly regularly basis, but I’m pushing the limits here with my definition of inventory. Life is important. Valuable. Why wouldn’t we want to know where the important things stand on a more frequent basis?

Most of us would agree that apart from whatever reasons we as humans exist, a major component of our life is to be happy and pursue goals to help further the planet and society. To do so, we should want to have the best plan or approach in each of our individual lives. So why not keep a running inventory of the things that we need to achieve such goals? When I think about the areas of life we could apply such logic, it includes friends, hobbies, keepsakes, dreams, passions and feelings. When you take it down a level lower, perhaps it’s volunteer programs, books, movies, flowers, foods or vacations. Most of this seems obvious, given we all do these things informally without realizing it. But when I took a moment to think about the inventory of my life this morning, I wondered what it really said about me. Am I maintaining stock in the appropriate places to have inventory at maximum levels?

In the world of friends, have I surrounded myself with the people who I enjoy being around and want to socialize with? Or have I retained people in my life who I feel almost forced to continue a friendship with? Do I have friends in each of my passions or hobbies? If I answer no to these questions, then there’s something wrong with my inventory. If I enjoy reading mystery books, shouldn’t I have a few friends who love those things too, so we can bond and grow and have fun together? If I want to be friends with people who have done things I want to do, but I’m stuck seeing people out of some odd sense of duty, maybe I’d be happier if I reorganized the deck to align things in a more proper manner.

I would suggest the same approach for all the rest of the things in my life. Or your life. Knowing where you stand in comparison to where you want to be is essential to forward momentum, positive change and ultimately happiness. While I’m not suggesting we embrace anything too formal in our approach, or even throw out the baby with the bath water, I am saying it might be time to prepare our own inventory of where we are today and where we want to be in regard to all the things that make us happy. In my world, I tend to comb through these things in my head every so often, which is helpful for a large guiding force towards my end goals. But I’m not actively measuring it or verifying at proper intervals that other people or unexpected consequences didn’t get in the way or throw things off balance.

An example for me lately is reading. I love to read. I have too many books in my TBR. I have too many sitting on my physical bookshelf waiting to be picked up. But I haven’t prioritized it among everything else going on in my life. But I could do a quick inventory and set some goals for myself and get to at least one of those books each week, as in the end, it will make me a happier guy. Completing an inventory can be hard. It can be easy. But it starts with two things: (1) what do you have and (2) what do you want. With those two items, you can solve the puzzle. My initial thought was to treat it like a plan, a path or a line of sorts. There is a start and a finish point. As I drafted this post, it occurred to me, more from instinct, that it’s not a line. There isn’t really a true start and end when it comes to pursuing things in your life. Life has a start and end, but in between, it’s rather continuous.

It’s a circle. There may be a point on the circle where you begin, then you travel 360 degrees until you get back to that same place you began; however, the cycle doesn’t end. You can keep going around and around as much as you need to tend to your inventory while you are still on the planet focused on achieving your goals. Let’s not make this effort something that feels like work or a difficult task. Let’s make it something we feel helps lay the next few steps on our path towards the future we want as opposed to the one that just happens based on how the day progresses. I will start next week with two things:

(a) Cozy mystery books

  • I love to ready cozy mysteries, and I have tons in my TBR but no one to share them with. A few online friends I chat with enjoy them, but we don’t spend a lot of time talking about them. So if any friends want to participate with me, let’s pick a few books to read together for the rest of the year and have fun talking about them.

(b) Meditation

  • I am generally a very relaxed guy. A few things will set me off, but underneath the calm exterior lurks the jitters over not being able to accomplish all that I want to. I have no tools to help navigate those nagging reminders. Exercise doesn’t always help. Food does temporarily. But I don’t have any other tools to find a way to expel those nerves. I need to find a few things to place in a bag of tricks that will help relax me, provide a calm retreat or learn how to meditate. I’m open to suggestions.

How about you? Any thoughts on how you’re managing the inventory of your life? Areas you want to participate with me during this little re-adjustment in our life circle?


About Me & the “365 Daily Challenge”

I’m Jay and I live in NYC. By profession, I work in technology. By passion, I work in writing. I’ve always been a reader. And now I’m a daily blogger. I decided to start my own version of the “365 Daily Challenge” where since March 13, 2017, I’ve posted a characteristic either I currently embody or one I’d like to embody in the future. 365 days of reflection to discover who I am and what I want out of life.

The goal: Knowledge. Acceptance. Understanding. Optimization. Happiness. Help. For myself. For others. And if all else fails, humor. When I’m finished in one year, I hope to have more answers about the future and what I will do with the remainder of my life. All aspects to be considered. It’s not just about a career, hobbies, residence, activities, efforts, et al. It’s meant to be a comprehensive study and reflection from an ordinary man. Not a doctor. Not a therapist. Not a friend. Not an encyclopedia full of prior research. Just pure thought, a blogged journal with true honesty.

Join the fun and read a new post each day, or check out my book reviews, TV/Film reviews or favorite vacation spots. And feel free to like, rate, comment or take the poll for each post. Note: All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me, but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them. Many thanks to their original creators.


  1. Yoga/meditation are a daily must! I really need to meditate the most on the days I don’t think I have time. My days run much more smoothly when I am running smoothly.
    As for a good mystery, I am game, as long as I can sleep at night! 😜

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  2. Exercise is a huge one for me. I had a stressful day yesterday and exercising last night really grounded me. If that doesn’t do the trick, I just lie down in a low-lit room and listen to relaxing music while breathing in through my nose and out my mouth while counting. So I breathe in slowly counting to like 5, hold for 5, and then exhale for 8 or nine. It always works…Even Qigong is great a few days a week, which to me is a form of meditation. You can get DVD’s on Amazon to get started. Hope this helps. 😉

    I like a good mystery every now and then! ❤ Great post.

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  3. I need to get on that once a week book train. I’m just barely reading a book a week and its usually a binge read on a Saturday because I have nowhere and nothing to do most times. For meditation, I use this app called Down Dog and it has little yoga and meditation exercises you can do in 10 minutes or more. It’s pretty helpful 🙂 Or I binge watch something on Netflix. That’s easily my go two for just a span of letting my brain be in a state of vegetation.

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  4. I liked this post! I have been making my inventory for almost 8 months and I have decluttered so many plans and memories. Not an easy activity as you can not avoid being honest to yourself. And the resulted void should be filled with meaningfulness.

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  5. Great post. I love mysteries but can’t manage a book a week because I usually only read at night before bed and a lot of times that equals two pages before I fall asleep. I’ve been seriously considering the meditating thing. I am going to be using the Creative Visualizations and Dream Lab program by Andrea Schroeder to help me work through some changes in my life.

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  6. Great post Jay! I’m willing to participate! I’m not really a cozy mystery reader, but I would try it. Send me the name of a book and I’ll read along with you for the fun of it! As for the life circle readjustment, I’m not a very good at meditating. I like to read spiritual books and I take a few moments in the mornings and at night to practice stillness and being in the present moment, but nothing too serious. But hey, I’m game for whatever ideas you’ve got! Can’t hurt to try! 🙂

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  7. We’ve done it again! I’ve been doing a lot of this recently, after years of being really sick and stuck in the sick bubble I’m now out of it and trying to work out what I want to be doing with friends and family, it dawned on me I have very few “real life” friends and the ones I have don’t read, so I need to fix that, maybe if I lurk in the fantasy section of the library I will find a new friend?
    On the subject of meditation I started meditating about a year ago so am still a newbie but happy to talk about my experience. I love it and it’s rescued me from some nasty panic attacks a few times as well.

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    • you could try meeting in person in a book store, might work… library possibly too. or maybe fan clubs of your fave authors and then see who lives close by!

      I might ask for some ideas on meditation. Gonna read up on it while away in a few weeks, then see what might work.


  8. What a topic. I actually used to make a living as an inventory manager for Advance Auto parts for many years. I also did inventory of stores for ORielly Auto parts too. I still do inventory in my current job too. Maybe that is why my home life is complete chaos.

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  9. Life is hard, yet simple to manage. We know what we want to do or should do, but don’t do them. I’m dealing with productivity and drive issues. I don’t have the natural drive to do things. Nothing inspires me. Nothing motivates me. This is the root of all my life problems. Slowly, with my blog, I’m learning how to deal with myself. I need a lot of re-adjustment in my life. *Just got pretty deep there*

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    • I’m glad you are learning how to find a better path. Sometimes motivation disappears, but if it doesn’t come back soon, you need to do something to find it. I have down days wit productivity too. Deep’s OK, means you are aware and fixing it. 🙂 Hope things get easier.

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      • Motivation doesn’t really exist for me. I just do things, yeah they have a reason towards them, but it’s more forced than motivated. I don’t know what motivates or drives me, and I’ve burned through a lot of options, trust me on that. I’ve come to think I’m just not one to be driven, I have to find a way around, which I’ve been doing…..and I don’t know why I’m ranting like you’re my therapist. Moving along…..

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