Day: September 11, 2017

365 Challenge: Day 183 – Doggedly (RYDER RANT)

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Doggedly: in a manner that shows tenacity and grim persistence


Ryder’s Rants is back, must mean it’s Monday. Had a hard time searching for a word today. There aren’t a whole lot with ‘dog’ in them that have anything good for me to talk about. Went with ‘doggedly’ today since there’s something that has been persistently driving me bonkers lately. Have you ever had one of your toys follow you around wherever you go? I do. It’s Ducky. He constantly quacks all night long, tries to snuggle with me and just plain gets all up in my grill. He weighs like 3 ounces, has lost most of his feathers (someone likes to bite him — not me — just sayin’) and smells worse than I do after a week without a bath. The only way to stop Ducky is to throw myself at him with full force. Well, I throw my rear end into him with full force. You’ve probably heard of headbutting someone, right? Well, I use my butt to headbutt someone. Except I got confused this week and started doing it to both the Dads. They find it funny. Not sure why. I’m just trying to exert my dominance over anything and everything that lives in my house. And I’m only twenty pounds, not that heavy. But they act like I’ve thrown a whole building on them when they feel my wrath.

Doggedly pursuit. That’s what I’m all about lately. To keep things in check around here. Though I’m not sure about that word ‘grim’ in the definition, since I finally got my brisket. Twice! Dinner and lunch. Dad made it Friday. He finally found it at the market the next day. Lucky him. There would have been hell to pay if I didn’t get my birthday present. It was delicious. I watched it cook in the over for five hours on Friday. And then again for 30 minutes on Saturday. Takes too long if you ask me. I have things to do. Can’t just watch stuff cook all the time. Right?

It was a quiet weekend around here. No visitors. They usually have people over. Sometimes I get kinda bored with just them — not a whole lot of interesting things about those two. They did work on my Enchanted Garden. Pruned the wisteria bush. Now it doesn’t have enough vines to attack me for a few weeks. That’ll be nice. It gets a little scary worrying every time I go outside if it might be my last. And now the bees seem to have taken up residence in one of the planter boxes. They like those bushes that make raspberries. I haven’t gotten to taste any berries yet. As you can probably tell, I’m not treated very fairly around here. I should be able to eat anything I want. But no flowers or plants, they remind me constantly. Seriously? I might go on a hunger strike if they keep telling me what I can’t eat around this joint. But oh, the bees. I like to chase them, and try to bite them when they fly too close. I did that once when I was a puppy. And I caught one! Except it was an angry bee. Stupid thing stung my tongue. Turned it all black for a few days. I even have a small scar on it now. Made me angry. All I wanted to do was eat it. Geez.

Let’s see… I thought I should forewarn you that Dads leave on a two-week vacation this Sunday. So I will have full control of the blog. Well, maybe not. I think they are sending me to Ella’s again. That’s a long time. I am not sure I will forgive them this time. We’ll see how it goes. The only good news to share about my little trip is that I know Dad 1 is going to the Petco this week to buy supplies. He usually brings me back new treats and a new toy when he goes to the store. It’s only right. I do bring tons of love and joy around this otherwise boring place. So today’s word, I guess I should explain that. Minus the grim part. As I don’t agree with that being part of the definition.

But the reason I chose doggedly is not for me. It’s for Dad 1. He’s been doggedly pursuing this 365 Daily Challenge for such a long time. Actually, that’s the news I wanted to share. Today it is officially 50% complete with 183 posts available to read on the blog! Can you believe it? He started the challenge back in March and has finished a full six months. I bet it all goes down hill from here. No one’s that creative. Well maybe I am, but he won’t let me be in charge of it. Next time you hear from me, I’ll be with Ella. Have a great week! And send me something. I’ll get bored while Dads are away. Yes, I’ll miss them too. Bye!!!!


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