Day: September 19, 2017

365 Challenge: Day 191 – Relaxed

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Relaxed: at ease while on day number two of the trip to North Carolina


Today’s 365 Daily Challenge word is relaxed. After an eventful issue being delayed yesterday at LGA, we arrived later than expected into Charlotte and had less time than planned to explore on the first leg. It was still a fun half day, and we’ll be back there again for two days at the end of the trip. We had a delicious breakfast at the hotel this morning, met several other nice folks, and drove four relaxing hours to Wilmington. Along the path, I found some similarities to my recent trip to Louisiana, in that there were churches every mile on the main roads. On this one though, it wasn’t just Baptist; there were every denomination. Growing up in NY, we really only had one Catholic church in each major town, so this is definitely something new for me to experience when it comes to other parts of the country. The other fascinating part of our drive today was the ultimate relaxed situation — death… there were multiple cemeteries in every town along the drive. I stopped counting after 20 in the first hour, but I did ask W if we could consider buying or building a home near a graveyard. Perhaps it was because he drove the whole way today (his choice, not mine), but the answer was a resounding NO. I thought Ryder might like to sit outside our house and watch the ghosts. Oh well…


Court Building in Wilmington


View over to the areas with the beaches


View at the dock in the downtown area

We had a late lunch and cocktails in the downtown area, walked around a bit and did some shopping. Bought a new candle and body soap made with bourbon; now I can drink in the shower and not feel weird! All in all, the town is not exactly what I thought it would be. Less ‘seaside’ and more ‘downtown’ than other areas close to the water. But we have tomorrow to explore too, so I’m hopeful to see more of it.

I hope you don’t mind these short posts, as I am trying to stay in vacation mode. I am reading everyone’s comments but not able to respond right now, as I’m either navigating the drive or trying not to trip and fall while walking around each city. I will respond when get back to New York. Thanks for all the well-wishes… looking forward to catching up. For now, I’m relaxed — the exact goal of this trip… at least the first ten days. The wedding at the end will be more for fun. Can’t wait for Orlando!


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