Day: September 26, 2017

365 Challenge: Day 198 – Bilt

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Bilt: shortened name of the Dutch family who founded Biltmore, where I toured this week and took pictures of a great man’s estate (different Vanderbilt in the picture)


Cornelius Vanderbilt was a man who developed great wealth for his family during the mid 19th century. Their name was originally Dutch, and part of it was dropped when they immigrated to the USA in the 1600s. “Van” in Dutch means “from” and “Bilt” was the town in Europe where they lived. Thus was born the name Van-Der-Bilt (Coming From Bilt). His grandson, George Washington Vanderbilt, inherited the least amount of money in the family, being the youngest of all the boys. He was also responsible for taking care of his mother after his father died. When his mother was told by doctors to go south to Asheville to heal her respiratory problems, George took her there to ensure she recovered, but she soon fell in love with the town. It was here that he built the beloved Biltmore estate, which gets its moniker from his family’s surname / town and Scottish moors, which were one of his favorite things to see. He changed the spelling and thus was born this great estate. Today’s post covers all the pictures from the “Roof Top” tour, where you will see the ornate limestone carvings, the domes, the observatory, various components of the roof and the gorgeous, sweeping views around the property. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!



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