Day: October 2, 2017

365 Challenge: Day 204 – Return (RYDER RANT)

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Return: arrival at home from a long trip

return home

I have made my official return home from the fifteen day vacation. Everything went quite smoothly today. We checked out of the hotel, returned the rental car and got through security very quickly in Orlando. Our flight was ready on-time and arrived early in NYC. Our suitcases were one of the first few on the conveyor belt at baggage claim. No line at the taxi. No traffic back to the apartment. It was a bit shocking, but quite welcome. So many choices today that I had to make:

  • I think I gained about 8 pounds on this trip. Do I start eating healthy again today or tomorrow? Since I had a croissant for breakfast, I felt like it was still a vacation day. Therefore, we ordered pizza delivery from the taxi on the way back home from the airport. Decision — Start healthy tomorrow!
  • Do we unpack as soon as we get home or relax? Neither of us wanted to look at the luggage all evening so we spent thirty minutes and fully unpacked everything.
  • Laundry tonight or tomorrow?  I’m a tad lazy today, so I’ll start it tomorrow. It’s a mountain!
  • Will Ryder remember us or ignore us for leaving him alone? He was super excited at first but now is being aloof. He did beg for lots of pizza. I think we’re being punished.
  • Pizza for dinner. No cooking. Too tired to go out. Not even a choice.
  • What to do about the vacation costs? Should I verify now or in a few days? Decided to do it now, e.g. match all the pre-paid costs versus credit card charges versus pending items. I’m a little obsessive, so I’m actually working on it right now.
  • I left the house cleaned. Do you know how much dust accumulates over two weeks? Wow! Should I start tomorrow or wait until the end of the week? I will spend an entire day cleaning this week.
  • Mail sorted. List of ‘to-do items’ made. Bills paid.

I have a few more errands to run and priorities to organize for tomorrow, but by early evening tonight, everything should be back in normal swing. And later on, we’ll watch a bit of TV, as we didn’t almost the whole trip. Excited to see Will and Grace! I also have feedback from 6 of 9 beta readers (some had full manuscript, some had a few chapters), so I will get that all saved locally to begin tomorrow morning with editing plans. And oh yeah, I got the semi-final cover of Watching Glass Shatter from the publisher this week. I really like it and can’t wait to share it soon.

It’s 68 in NYC. Finally a return to lower temperatures! I will return tomorrow with a regular post. Thanks for everyone’s patience while I was away, unable to comment much on others posts or reply to your comments. I hope you enjoyed the trip and the pictures. More to come later this month, once I settle back in to a routine. Have a great day!


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