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365 Challenge: Day 219 – Copper

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Copper: the color I’m possibly planning to change my hair to next time


It’s been a long time since I posted anything too revealing in the 365 Daily Challenge, which means it’s time for a more informal and embarrassing one today. I’ve mentioned before that I have dyed my hair since I was about 18, as grey started quite early for me. It’s barely ten percent, but I see it and don’t like it! I have nothing against grey hair, and sometimes I actually find it quite attractive on other people. But I have an age in my head when I will give up on dying it and let it be all natural. I’m not there yet.

That said, though I’m usually consistent in 99% of all areas in my life, my appearance does not follow those same rules. I have always stayed within the same family of browns for my hair color, occasionally a bit darker or lighter, depending on my mood. On one scary instance, I went very black. And on another, by myself, I went quite copper. I didn’t know at the time you had to bleach your hair in order to turn it blonde. I was very young. Forgive me.

Lately, I’ve seen a bunch of redheads and found myself interested in giving it a try. I have natural red tones in my hair due to my Scottish and Irish ancestry, but I’ve never before wanted to bring them out. Until recently. W and I discussed it, as I wanted an opinion; he vetoed it. I’m sure you can imagine that discussion… and he’s not home yet, so as I write this post, keep this in mind. He might be reading this one in a few minutes and know sooner than expected. I went for my haircut today and showed a bunch of photos to the fantastic Rosemary who has taken care of my hair for about five years. She reminded me that due to the color already on my hair, she’d have to bleach it to get the color I wanted in the photos. So we compromised… I added more red tones to see if I like it, and then in my next hair cut, I can decide if I want to go full change or hold back where it is now.

There is still a bunch of product in my hair so you won’t see the full effect until it’s washed and dried again. It will also lighten up in the next few days, but I went with copper tones to try and get closer to the color I’d like for a little while; after all, it is autumn. It’s been a banner week with the book launch; I wanted to show my real personality. And give everyone a glimpse into my world… feel free to dislike it! 🙂 But feel free to love it. It’s not incredibly different, but I definitely see it getting more and more red. I also am growing it out longer until I decide what to do with it… Here goes…



It’s not clear in the last pic, but you can sort of see it starting to come through!

Let the embarrassment begin!


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Book Review: Welcome to Crash by Lina Langley

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I read a book from a new genre for me this week: a combination spec fiction with male for male romance and some sci-fi / fantasy elements. It was quite good and I enjoyed both her writing style and her voice. Stay tuned for a profile on the wonderful Lina Langley in a couple of weeks… thought I’d share the review now to give you a heads up and gain interest for Author Alert Fridays! Check out my review below or on Goodreads.


Book Review
It’s always a gamble when you read a book that might be a bit outside your normal genres, but that wasn’t the case with Lina Langley’s Welcome to Crash. I’ve started reading more in the spec fiction realm, choosing this book based on the cover and a few recommendations from others. I was intrigued by the premise, uncertain how much paranormal, science fiction or fantasy would actually be in it. In the end, that wasn’t the primary point of the story; those elements simply added stronger layers and dimensions to it.

A young guy, Damien, struggles to make a relationship work with his hesitant boyfriend, uncertain if they will end up building something together or splitting apart due to outside circumstances. When he meets a stranger at his job interview, Damien’s thrown off his game, quite smitten, but also confused by John’s style, persona and level of interest. Damien will soon find out as he tries to balance being utterly honest with his boyfriend, Levi, and the growing attraction he has to John.

Just when you think you have it all figured out, the story takes a subtle, then giant, shift away from traditional romance to push you into realizing something different is going on… but readers don’t know at first. Damien suffers from some medical issues, is distant from his family and can’t decide what he wants to do with his life. The book is about his struggle to get through college, become an adult and find love; however, too many forces pull him apart until he has to make a decision about what he really wants for himself and in a potential boyfriend.

This is a psychological book – one where love and desire intermingle with need and reality. Characters are well-drawn; once you know the issues keeping Damien and Levi from truly being together, you recognize why it will be difficult and why Damien looks elsewhere. The writing is direct and clear; dialogue feels realistic and the story keeps you guessing throughout each chapter.
I enjoyed it and will be picking up another of the author’s books to try in the next few weeks.

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